It’s a wonderful life.

19 Dec

Or it should be a wonderful life. Like all things it’s down to how you interpret it. What’s good for one isn’t always so good for another.

Since it’s Christmas all my posts this week will have a Christmas theme.  Good will to all men and all that. “It’s a wonderful life” is a very popular film and is set at Christmas. It’s pretty sentimental, it has a happy ending and it’s probably rips off Scrooge more than is good for it but it’s still a good film.

Interestingly it’s also about bankers.  You’ll be aware of bankers because of the on going financial crisis which continues to hover rather than land. Some bankers haven’t been as “honest” as we might like. They may have taken some “risks” which may have been “riskier” than they should have been. No matter though, everything is fine now, as long as you live on a distant planet. It’s a wonderful life on a distant planet, that hasn’t got the same ring to it really.

It’s a wonderful life, the movie, is set in a different time frame. It’s a completely different time, shot in monochrome, which adds to the authenticity of the subject matter. As you will probably be aware, a chap owns a local buildings and loans business, which provides mortgages to local people. One of his employees is sent to make a bank deposit but it gets “lost” before it’s paid into the bank and the town bad person, who owns almost the whole town, turns the screws on everyone in an attempt to take it over entirely.

The film ends in everyone, donating money to the chap who has supported them, his customers, when they themselves have hit problems and needed a bit of time to pay. It can’t possibly be 2011. In 2011 if you can’t pay your bill they start charging you more money, which makes things worse for you but better for them. Nice.

In the whole film there is no mention of derivatives, hedge funds, investment vehicles etc. etc. No Porsches, red braces, mobile phones, champagne, bonuses etc. etc. etc…

Maybe a bit of localism could go a long way in 2012? Local councils, local banks or credit unions, local shops (for local people he he he). I’m sure that’s how it used to be, before “economies of scale” became the model of preference, before “big is beautiful” became a mantra for those who didn’t have to live with the impact of its results and before spin became a tool of choice for politicians rather than something which happened to your washing.

The past is the past and Iooking back, trying to regain what we sort of remember our own past was like is futile. However, the lessons we learned still have value obviously, it’s the rose tinted specs which cause the problems.

The more I think about localism the more I think it is a major part of the answer we need to regain some sort of control of over those we employ, those who have asked to represent us and those who wish to separate us from our money. I learned a good few years ago that if you have not got a vested interest in something you don’t really do it justice. For too long we have been at the mercy of people who have no vested interest what so ever in us, the only vested interest they have is in their own advancement and enrichment.

It’s a wonderful life. Maybe we could make it even more wonderfulerer?



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