03 Jan

The blogging world tends to focus on 1984 by George Orwell. This is of course understandable given the way the government and “ the righteous” have seized on the language and the scenarios it contains. The whole politically correct movement is based on the control of language and has been demonstrated many times.

Why have the left grabbed this with both hands and pursued it with such vigour? They may claim it is to ensure fairness and create a level playing field where people are not assaulted by words. Of course by doing so they are making life more difficult for the very people they supposedly seek to protect?

Successive governments have also gleefully jumped on the opportunities of PC and have legislated with vigour and frenzy to add yet more controls on the entire population.  That’s minus those who have the correct connections or enough money to ensure the correct result should litigation be a prospect. As bad as this is however I think there is a far worse message coming from Mr Orwell.

You will be aware of Mr Orwell taking part in the Spanish Civil War. I say war but it was really a practice exercise for the Nazis prior to invading various parts of Europe and beyond. Mr Orwell was pretty scathing in his book  “Homage to Catalonia” about the republicans, the side he fought for. No doubt Mr Orwell would recognise very little in the ways of socialism in todays left and the Labour Party in particular. Are the left, left? No. That’s why control is so important to them. They do not recognise control as being a means of stifling, they see it as providing guidance which in itself is arrogant and demeaning to those who have to live within it. PC is but a tool however.

I think “Animal Farm” carries a much greater warning for us all and is ably demonstrated by our very oldest and dearest friends the LibDems. Step forward Nick Clegg, the present golden boy.

He forms a coalition with the Conservatives and immediately throwing his principles out of the window, as do his various colleagues who have government positions. They heckle from the side-lines but they will not actually make a stand, which would endanger their position as part of the coalition government. They are implementing policies, which fly in the face of their LibDem roots and principles.

It’s nice being in Government though, even if you’re just hanging onto another parties coat-tails. Flash cars and security stuff, which make you, feel pretty important. Civil servants there to provide your ever whim. Press queuing up to ask you questions, overseas trips, lovely weekends away at amazing country houses provided entirely by the taxpayer.

The taxpayer who pays and the voter who is to be represented. Inconvenient both if they moan. No matter though there are ways to get around things.

The other potential prime candidates for this? The Scottish Nationalist Party. They hold power in Scotland with a majority, which ensures their policies will go through.

As yet, we haven’t seen any sign of a change in behaviour from the SNP who continue to pursue their policies, which we can choose to agree with or not.

So far so good. It will take time though to be sure that they won’t fall for the lure of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Let’s hope not in this case. It may be that Alex has his eyes on the history books. He’s already going to be in there but if he could succeed in delivering independence or providing the Scottish electorate with a choice which they accept as full independence, then he would be remembered for a very long time.

Time will tell.

What is clear is that the vast majority of our politicians will exploit their position to garner as much personal gain as possible. A sharp reminder from those who employ them, who vote for them and who they represent would not go amiss. Perhaps for the majority of our politicians it is too late. They have already moved from the farmyard to the top table in the farmhouse.

This is where we are. This is the bubble. This is the reality of our situation. Break this continuing elitism and restore the relationship where politicians are subservient to the electorate and dealing with the likes of the righteous will be far easier.

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