Missing! A sense of humour?

04 Jan

Mrs TT and I went to South Queensferry for the bells this year, we’ve been a number of times before but the last couple of years the weather has stopped us. There were a few people about and a we enjoyed the great firework display from the restaurant/club on the High Street which opens out onto the Forth.

We listened in the car to Radio Scotland, which was okay rather than great, and when we got home we watched Jools Holland on BBC2. I used to watch The Best of the Old Grey Whistle Test when it was still on which was much better, although Jools has managed a few splendid Hootenannies but alas this wasn’t one.

At one point he interviewed Jo Brand, who can be quite funny at times. He asked her what she would like to achieve in 2012. I was expecting her to say she’d be touring or going on a programme or doing something new etc. Nope. I was well wide of the mark. She wanted to “bring down the coalition”, have “Jeremy Clarkson shot in front of his family”. Charming. I felt my sense of humour desert me although the audience seemed in step with these aims.

There was no reply from Jools to introduce balance and no shock horror on his face when Jeremy was mentioned, as was the case for the two presenters on “The One Show” when Jeremy made his comments in the first place. I’m pretty sure that the government provides the framework, which results in the funding for the BBC. That’s the coalition, the same coalition, which Jo wants to bring down.

The “left” or the “righteous” have lost their sense of humour unless of course it is PC and aimed at belittling the things they see as fair game. Jeremy Clarkson is a major target for them, having been “pied” very publicly by a lady. Luckily Jeremy does have a sense of humour and shrugged it off. If the boot had been on the other foot of course there would have been charges brought for common assault or some such.

Jeremy can be quite funny at times. His politics appear to be right wing and some of the things he says and writes he does for effect. I saw him at a conference dinner and he provided an hour of humour and fun. I’m sure that Jo is funny. I’ve not seen her live but I’ve laughed at stuff she’s done on TV and radio.

Shockingly they both have something in common. They are honest about their political affiliations although I’m very sure they should never be left alone in the same room.

Unfortunately the “righteous” have managed to up their game to the extent that more than 20,000 offended people telephoned the BBC to complain when Jeremy was on the One Show, that’s 20,000 offended people who took the time to make their views known. Union leaders also were offended, well they are shy and retiring and easily shocked.

The”righteous” are hijacking peoples sense of humour, as they have been doing through the politically correct agenda also. The MSM are chock-a-block with lefties. I can’t believe that all the talented, funny, artistic, gifted, amazing people are all lefties. They can’t be. Are the right wing comedians, artists etc. hiding at home? If they are, get out there guys make your mark, albeit that the MSM won’t make life easy for you.

Lefties? Well not as we know them Jim. They are so far to the left that they have gone 180 degrees ending up in fascist territory. Ms Brand should perhaps consider that it is not for her to remove the coalition it is in fact for the voting public to ultimately decide. It is not for her to call for Jeremy Clarkson or anyone else for that matter to lose his job etc.

Of course I may have misread Ms Brand completely. She may well have invoked that age old trick of being ironic. She may well also have not recognised Mr Clarkson’s age old trick of being ironic in the first place. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She was being ironic and she recognised the irony from Mr Clarkson. Her comments on Jools were purely to gain some kudos from her leftie friends through her affected offensive. That’s a lot better then. Or then again maybe not.

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