An irritating Clegg (sound) bite

07 Jan

Mr Clegg is correct in his use of “extreme” as a descriptor for Scottish independence, since it represents the greatest level of possible change. However, he must have known that using that word in this context would be inflammatory which of course, may have been his real aim.

Whilst Mr Clegg states he wants Scotland to gain more powers within the devolution model he is no position to guarantee anything. His position is of course tainted by his and his parties desire to remain in power no matter what and in doing so he has demonstrated all that is wrong with politicians today.

It is not for Mr Clegg to decide what may or may not happen. It is for the people in Scotland who are registered to vote. The way that this will be handled will again come down to Scottish voters with maybe some help from those English voters who see their future being subject to the will of English needs which does not include any input from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This is right and proper.

Mr Clegg knows that the use of “extreme” immediately conjures up the notion of people bombing trains,blowing themselves up along with innocent others and all manner of acts which are vile. Once again he has shown himself to be inept and publicity seeking.

A cleg (horse-fly) is a pretty irritating insect that bites and leaves a large and painful reminder. It doesn’t last long but whilst it does you can’t wait for it to be gone.

This now also seems to apply to Mr Clegg and his entire party, although sound bites seem to be his prefered way of irritating people. Isn’t it amazing that the LibDems, having chased power for decades, finally manage it and then mess it up to such a degree that they are in real danger of disappearing all together.


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