Militarisation of schools

08 Jan

Great to see that The Independent is carrying a story which says that Cadet training should be introduced to schools, or to those without this activity at the moment. Gove seems to think it is a good idea. Ex-Prime Minister Brown also thought it was a good idea when it was put forward a few years ago,

Our children go to schools to learn. The learning is all about getting a worthwhile job at the end of it. Something which will contribute to the success of the country and which will provide the adults, the children will have become by that stage, with a lifestyle they deem suitable.

A small percentage will go into the military. This is being reduced as we speak as the military shrink to fit the new budgets they have, perhaps not an ideal career choice then?

This cadet nonsense is aimed at discipline. To provide discipline in the lives of those who are disruptive or are wandering through education with little purpose. It might work for some but not for others. It may well come in handy for those who wish to shoot better, improve their hand-to-hand combat skills or for tactical planning considerations when taking on an enemy.

There is no place for militarisation in schools or in association with schools. Full stop. End of.

There is no place in schools for uniforms. Full stop. End of.

There is no place in schools for politics or religion either. Fill stop. End of.

Trying to sort social issues in schools is too little too late. Social issues need to be tackled at their roots.

The government would do well to address the issues in society itself. This would be messy, painful and no doubt there would be criticism for a million things along the way.

If children or their parents want to have a military input into their education then there are already cadet forces in place, which can satisfy that want outside of school.

Can we not focus clearly on schools as being places of education with a curriculum, which produce knowledgeable students who can join the world of work and then learn how to do something they really want to do?

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