09 Jan

I’m pretty much against exporting jobs. Lots of businesses have already done so, continue to do so or are going to do so. My answer would be to stop buying from them. Maybe that should be a recalcitrant New Year Resolution?

I’ve been at the sharp end of it too. The book people I worked with had an Indian company input text for them mainly because the Indians were more accurate since they couldn’t read English. They did it by shape so they weren’t reading it as they went along. I also did a bit of work for a business, which was buying uniforms from China. They had a guy who travelled around China finding manufacturers who were just a bit of the beaten track which meant they were behind the curve and charged less. He had a lot of tales to tell.

Whilst exporting jobs isn’t a good idea for the UK economy, especially as low skill jobs have been imported at the same time, it obviously has benefits for the country and the people who have fairly poor living standards. The Chinese economy has been growing at a rate of about 10% per year, which makes the growth of the UK and EU economies look pretty sick. Less then 1% if at all and UK economists get excited if it goes above 3%.

The effect of factories and commerce slowly but surely appearing in the poorer areas of China, does help the people. They have jobs, more money, which allows them to have more choices, better education and improved health care etc. the sorts of things, which we take for, granted.

You may remember buying stuff perhaps in Woolworths a few years ago, which was stamped on the bottom with “Made in Hong Kong” or “Made in Taiwan”? You don’t see that now and not just because Woolworths has gone to the great checkout in the sky either. You don’t see it because those economies, and others like them have moved on and the Chinese have taken over their markets. Hong Kong and Taiwan have gone hi-tech or offer “services”.

The next logical step, in the years to come, will be Africa getting in on the game. Think of any poor country in the world ands sooner rather than later they will be getting a nice new economy from Santa. Won’t that be fabulous? They will have more money, which will allow them to have more choices, better education and improved health care etc. the sorts of things, which we take for, granted.

And, and… their populations will drop. Mr Malthus will not be pleased and neither will Prince Philip, David Attenborough and various other people who think population numbers should be drastically reduced. Oh they’ll be pleased that the population is going down it just won’t have gone down fast enough for them.

Would it not be fabulous to have Africa join in with the rest of the world and enjoy all the trappings of modern life? Okay, there will be problems for them too but the benefits will completely overwhelm those and , for example, provide real health care and education for all. The other nations such as Korea and Cuba might also catch this disease. Then, there are the Arab nations and their peoples, going through the “Arab Spring” who might also gain a much larger share of the prosperity, which is already there but kept within a very small elite.

Pie in the sky? Utopian? Naive? Yes. But surely it’s only a matter of time before this happens.

What will those charities who have been “helping” Africa do then?


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