The UK Prime Minister.

12 Jan

As with many topics, which have been very, very popular with the MSM, I’m going to leave the Scottish Referendum saga for a couple of days. Today, I’ll only note the MSM and Unionist negativity and the apparent lack of accuracy they have demonstrated in the past couple of days, shame on them. I may mention it slightly in the following though.

David Cameron sits in the back of his armoured Jaguar being driven to his next factory tour. An aide sits on his left, reading papers and annotating them as seems to be how most of these people spend their time. They indeed tick the boxes, dot the “I” and cross the “T”, not to mention the half hour discussion about the use of a particular word in a document. Probably necessary thinks David.

David looks out of the window, darkened to stop gawpers and photographers and which afford him some privacy. Privacy? What’s that he thinks. It seemed like such a good idea to pursue power and to have achieved the highest post in the land so quickly? Impressive he thought. But has it been worth it? It will be in the longer term and safeguard his family for many, many years to come but at what cost. Already his health is suffering. Oh nothing serious just putting on weight, tired and stressed. Who wouldn’t be the same in this position?

The winds of change are apparent and it will only be a short time before they are howling. Why have they come to a head on his watch? Sure, there’s always something happening but the EU, UK debt and those bloody Jocks wanting to do their own thing all at the same time.

The subterfuge with Angela and Nick worked even better than expected. The seemingly telling TV shots of me walking past Nick displaying an awkwardness and clear discomfort and then the wonderful shots of me sitting on my own at the table whilst all around me back slapping, laughing and hand shaking. Better than we had planned.

The private meeting with them supposed to be about the Euro? Nothing of the sort, we agreed that they would carry on their “working together as a real partnership” act to provide a seemingly strong sense of purpose based on a sound strategy, which would save the Euro. All utter nonsense of course. Angela needed to bolster her position with the Federal States back home and Nick needed to deflect attention from his own banking sector, which is every bit, if not worse than Italy and Spain.

David needed to be seen to be standing up for Britain. Being seemingly “isolated” was icing on the cake and then when the veto was mentioned at the press conference? Well, he didn’t mention it. It was the press what done it guv!

This will only work in the short-term however, he knows this, but no matter what, he feels sure he’ll be spinning his way out of it. The bigger plan will always transcend everything else. The real power in the world cannot be stopped. As long as he is involved long enough to get his fair share of the rewards and have his place in history.

The Jocks are an unneeded irritation at any other time but a real pain in the bottom at this particular moment. They are right of course. They could carry out the referendum and if it the answer came back “Yes” they would go on to gain their independence. The oil was there’s. There would be no way of claiming it and there is so much out there, so much more than anyone knows. Damn. They would have a budget surplus for years and years to come. There was inevitability to it.

Still, he could have some fun making life difficult for them and getting the MSM and the much-loathed BBC wound up, hours of TV and acres of press coverage with his name to the fore.  Then at the right moment he’d come over all magnanimous whilst salvaging as much as he could for a long as he could. The initial mess of their independence would be used to prove him right when he said it would never work and by the time it was working he’d be long gone.

The aide next to him was still scribbling away at the document. There was thirty minutes travelling time left. Perhaps a nap then?

At that moment the telephone rang.

“It’s for you Prime Minister” said the aid, “it’s Alex Salmond”.

“Oh God” he said as he took the phone.


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2 responses to “The UK Prime Minister.

  1. Clarinda

    January 12, 2012 at 9:46 am

    …. ah – but which one answered “Hello God” !


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