Call me Dave versus Alex Salmond – Seconds out

14 Jan

Cue Rocky Bilboa music..

Well. It’s all kicking off.

Seconds out… ting ting!

Round one.

(Said in the manner of that chap that did the announcing on Bullseye the old darts game programme).

Rows in the Westminster Parliament, Well more of a large majority of MPs taunting the small SNP contingency.  Call me Dave decides it’s time to make a stand against Alex Salmond and the planned referendum on Independence in Scotland.

The Tories and Labour talk with the same voice, symbiosis achieved. The Libdems? They talk with many voices.

Outcome? The assertive version of Call me Dave says no referendum without his say so.  Oh yes and there will be conditions on how it should be carried out. And a further, oh yes, if you don’t do what I say I’ll take you to court because I have the power (and the judges are my mates so there)!


Round two.

(Said as above)

Rows in the Scottish Parliament as some from the Labour benches pick up on nuances, which they then decide they can take “offence at” just like the “righteous”.  Shouting and anger ensues. One Labour chaps looks as if he will either explode with rage or dissolve into tears, either is acceptable as long as he clears up afterwards.

A lady SNP MSP Joan McAlpine, suggested that the other parties were being “anti-Scottish”.  Cue indignation, clarification, bandwagon jumping on, sound bites and political point scoring. Yawn. If “offended” is quoted it’s pure political posturing.

Oh er missus!


Round Three.

(Said as above).

LibDems, Labour & Tory politicians gang up with “balanced” Beboid against small SNP lady politician on BBC Question Time. Bullying and aggressions ensues. Small SNP politician lady keeps pretty calm.

Small  lady Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) AKA Wee Nippy keeps her calm although she could take all of them with one hand tied behind her back if it came to fisticuffs. She will get revenge when the bullies venture over the border.


Round Four.

(Said as above)

Alex Salmond issues invitation for Call me Dave to have “talks” about the referendum.

No response as such so far.

Where will they meet? Who will pay for the sandwiches? Will it be all hugs and compliments or will it insults and threats.

We will await the outcome with baited breath.

Meantime the rest of the world looks on and takes it own view.

Click here for an example and very historically accurate tribute to our great Scottish Nation from our allies in Taiwan.





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