Stuck in the middle with Nick

15 Jan

You may be familiar with that Gerry Rafferty song “Stuck in the middle with you”? Well I thought that Call me Daves present situation fitted that song pretty well. It’s not like he has his problems to seek but that comes with the job. Anyway, hot of the press my latest parody.

Stuck in the midd.e with Nick.

Well I don’t think that I managed this well,

Coalition seemed alright for a spell,

Now it looks like it’s a very bad dream

A real bad nightmare or so it would seem

Libdems to the left of me

Labour to the right, here I am

Stuck in the middle with Nick

Yes I’m stuck in the middle with Nick

He’s tedious and he thinks he is slick,

It’d be good to wipe the smile from his face

Have his Ministers stay within their place

Huhne’s a liability, Cable’s always right.

Here I am stuck in the middle with Nick

Well, we started out as buddies

Planning all the things we would do

But then they started whining

Went behind my back and said

Sorryyyyy… Sorryyyyy

Things wouldn’t be not quite so bad

But this EU nonsense makes me feel sad

Dealing with Sarkozy and friend

It’s enough to drive one right round the bend

Nickolas to the left of me Angela to the right

Here I am, stuck in the middle of two

Well, we started out quite friendly,

Working together with the same plan

Then the Euro started sagging

Markozy started nagging saying

Money…. Money

Now Scotland is deciding to leave

Give England and the UK the heave

It’s last thing that I need at this time

All this waste of my time is such a crime

Alex to the left of me,

Nicola to the right, her I am

Stuck in the middle with Nick

Yes I’m stuck here with Merkozy

Stuck here with the SNP

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