The problem with capitalism…

19 Jan

Call me Dave has been providing us with a slice of his wisdom. Now, I don’t know about you but Dave’s wisdom is well worth listening to. Hug a hoodie was pretty good, him doing the veto was another gem and now we’re being given “we improve the market by making it fair as well as free, and in which many more people get a stake in the economy and share in the rewards of success,” according to Call me Dave.

There’s that word again “fair”. Dave says “fair” a lot and I think it’s only “fair” that we should “fairly” remind him that he says “fair” a lot. If he thinks the market should be “fairer”, then he should maybe start by setting an example of what “fair” is. How about he gets rid of the renewables levy on electricity bills which would make it cheaper for people to heat their homes? How about he ditch the HS2 rail thingy since no one but him and his mates want it and he’d save £40+ billion of tax payers money which would be immensely “fair”.

How about he gets the UK troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan? That would be “fair” to their friends and families and would again save loads of dosh. If the Generals and high ups don’t think this is a good idea then they can stay and go out on patrol, that’s “fair”. Or how about he has his government departments enforce the existing laws,.which would return competition and “fairness” for customers,  to the market? How about enforcing the tax bills that big business seem to be able to worm their way out of at the moment? That would be double “fair”, get the tax revenues up and add to taxpayers funds.

How about he tell his chums in the IMF/EU, and they certainly are his chums make no mistake, that there is no way that he is going to borrow £19 Billion and then lend it to the IMF to safeguard the Euro and get a lower interest rate than we are paying for the loan. That would be pretty damn “fair”.

Competition in the High Street now. Forget the fake sales and the huge mark ups on cheap foreign made goods. Forget the fake 0% interest rates, which they add on to the cost of the goods anyway. Forget the buy two and get a third free. Just price everything as competitively as they dare. What happened to price wars? Real price wars? Not enough competition. If shops in High Streets belong to a very few groups, break them up.

Pressure the owners of the Malls, out of town retail parks and High Street retail sites to greatly reduce their rents to allow smaller retailers access and make sure the reduction in rents is passed on through to reduced prices for goods also.

Dear reader, add your own million other ideas onto this list. Make “fair” your watchword.

Dave., or do I call you Call me? Dave, get your own house in order and set a tone of “fairness” and morality in your place of work, The Palace of Westminster, and make sure all politicians of all parties adopt “fairness” and morality too. This would lose your LibDem partners their jobs since they couldn’t stay in office with you as they have thrown ethics to the four winds in order to stay in power. I’d suggest they would be of little loss though.

So what do you think Dave? Am I being fair here?


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