Stargazing; an alien concept.

21 Jan

That Brian Cox chap has had a busy week. Stargazing live was on and he took a sizeable part of it. He was helped of course by various sciency sort or people and Dara Ó Briain, who has a physic degree also but has turned to comedy instead.

They switched the lights off all over the country and people looked through telescope sort of things and saw stars and planets and the like. The amount of light towns and cities produce isn’t good for stargazing as you would imagine although it makes life a lot safer and easier when walking and driving about in the dark, as long as you are watching the road/pavement rather than Stargazing. It seemed a pretty interesting programme although some of the boffins were a bit serious.

Enter the Liverpudlian comedian John Bishop. Now Mr Bishop can be entertaining at times but I doubt that Brian and Dara expected him to start asking hard questions about science. I really liked one of his questions, which was related to the topic of aliens hearing a broadcast from Earth of finding one of the probes out for the very purpose of being found by the aliens.

The scientists were offering opinions about what aliens might look like depending on the planet they originated from. We were even provided with artist’s likenesses of what these creatures might look like. One looked like a flying blue basking shark.

Here comes John. John asked why aliens were portrayed as being similar to humans. A good question I thought. The answer bore a striking resemblance to climate science. Science has rules, which are universal which means alien beings would follow our general structure. There was a further unsaid implication that John should maybe restrain himself from such questioning since he didn’t know what he was talking about.

However, not to be deterred John ploughed on. He didn’t think that would be the case. Surely the aliens could take any sort of form. He wasn’t going to get an answer, he did try, but it wasn’t a starter really.

We are all the result of our experiences, which makes it very difficult for us to think out of the box as it were. We have to have really great imaginations or an intellect suited to making substantial leaps to be able to move the game on. Einstein could do it (science link there are you impressed?). James Dyson completely redesigned vacuum cleaners, Steve Jobs came up with a series of innovative products and Frank Gehry seriously evolved architecture and produce some absolutely amazing buildings.

What about Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick? No idea who they are? Well they managed more than our scientists. They managed to come up with Daleks. The Daleks were created by writer Terry Nation and designed by BBC designer Raymond Cusick for Dr Who. Daleks don’t have two eyes, two legs or are obese. If you set aside the fact that they can’t climb stairs they are quite formidable.

Joking apart who knows what an alien would look like, if in fact they even exist and if they’d be willing to share family snaps. It might be the case that they would be less advanced than humans, which would probably be a bad thing.

The “righteous” here on Earth would setup charities to help them develop, extend politically correct rules to make sure they didn’t suffer from inequality and give them large sums of money to mitigate the effects of global warming although they wouldn’t really have such a thing just like here on Earth. They’d stop them smoking, drinking and deep-frying Earth Bars too.

In other words the aliens be stuffed. Best that they just keep hidden then I’d suggest.


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