Idle hands

24 Jan

To my mind, as feeble as it is, lacking in brain cells and easily distracted, there seems to be a bit of parallel occurring between the Westminster and Holyrood parliaments.

You may have noticed that both parliaments don’t have much in the way of meaty subjects to debate. So many of Call me Dave’s performances are mere theatre, played splendidly well by said Call me Dave for the benefits of the MSM. He’s a marketing man don’t you know. He knows how to spin a good yarn, strike a pose and keep on saying things with conviction even when everyone knows, including himself that it is patently wide of the mark. (And that’s being generous).

Let’s consider some examples. The famous veto. Oh come on! There was no vote, nothing changed and he did not veto anything. He knows it too. But marketing man just keeps on saying it and the MSM keep on referring to it.

Next up is the breast augmentation situation. Call me Dave says it’s the moral responsibility of the private clinics who did the implanting to remove and replace them. Wrong and he knows it. The implants were certified for use by the EU CE quality system. The implants were used on the basis that the quality was guaranteed by the EU. Dave can do nothing. If he tries to force the clinics to do anything, which he won’t because he knows he can’t, the clinics only need to head for court safe in the knowledge that it’s the EU to blame.

Then we have the safety of shipping. Dave knows an opportunity and the sunken Italian cruise liner gives him another platform. If there are lessons to be learned Dave is going to make sure we learn them and that our ships will be safer because of it. Complete hog wash. Dave can’t do anything it’s an EU competency and one which the EU have mucked up. They have taken years to look at cruise ship safety. They even commissioned a report from some shipping experts headed by a professor from Glasgow Uni, which described exactly how a cruise ship would fail if holed below the water line just like the Italian ship. They did nothing with it though.

Let me repeat Dave can do nothing, apart from posture, spin and behave like a marketing person. So much of the Westminster’s Parliament competencies have been ceded to the EU that there is little for the Westminster Parliament to do. That’s why we get all these tedious little laws, which add little, as existing laws would do equally as well if they were actually applied.

Unfortunately Alex has also been infected with the “being seen to do something approach” rather than actually adding something meaningful. The religious hatred and bigotry related to football bill is badly framed and imprecise. Existing laws are a better way of doing things. That good old Scottish favourite “breach of the peace” covers this type of situation. It always did and it always will. All it needed was one of the top Bobbies in Scotland to go on TV and say they’d be using this law to crack down on religious bigotry as practiced by both sides and then done just that. Now we are stuck with a shambles of a law, which will be challenged at a future date by someone prosecuted under it. The European Court of Human Rights beckons, as does the resulting compensation claim, which of course the taxpayer will stump up for.

If there is any saving grace in all of this, it is that in Holyrood there is much less opportunity to make laws as there are so few devolved powers. No bad thing in a way. The present governmental incumbents seemed particularly unsuitable for governing. Lucky us.

So Westminster is subservient to the EU and Holyrood is subservient to Westminster AND the EU. No bad thing in a way. Making bad laws are worse than doing nothing at all.

What is it that they say about idle hands? I think maybe the devil is involved maybe?

Scottish Independence may change all of this of course. Let’s hope.


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