Andy Murrays Grand Slam will be along very soon.

27 Jan

Andy seems to have made a much better fist of tackling Djokovic. I know nothing about tennis although I did enjoy watching the big names at the BofS tennis competition that used to be held at Craiglockhart

My feeling is that Llendl will help Andy be much better and tougher mentally whilst it’s unlikely that Federer will continue very much longer and Djokovic can’t keep up his level of winning. I could be completely wrong so I’ll not be rushing out to put any bets on.

Andy Murray looks as if he has the Scottish Disease. It’s like our sports people get to a certain point and then their belief in winning just goes. But then we’ve had and still have some amazing sporting people. Three to try on for size, Jim Clark, the best F1 driver ever, Chris Hoy the most amazing cyclist and Kenny Dalglish a staggering footballer. The list could be very, very much longer. So are the defeats as well though mind you.

Maybe it’s not a Scottish disease at all. Maybe it’s a British disease? Look at all the penalty shootouts that the English football team have been in and they’ve lost the vast majority of them. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence, which gets to them to?

Maybe the disease has been created by Westminster. You know that place where those splendid MPs work. Maybe the political and establishment systems like it that we are a lot less confident than we should be, more malleable also; less likely to cause a fuss.

It takes a lot of skill, dedication and psychology to be a world-class sportsperson. The rewards are pretty impressive, if and when they get there. There are definitely bright spots like the work being done in Stirling at The National Swimming Academy for example.

Hopefully we’ll get our chance in the not too distant future to build a support system which the greatly help the people of Scotland become much more confident and be able to deliver that confidence when the time is right. If I’m being honest I think it will be absolutely essential that we do this. The New Scotland will need to stand tall and I’m sure we can do that.

Meantime, I’m sure Andy Murray will win a Grad Slam very soon. After that he may well win a few more including Wimbledon. It would be good if he did it this year or in 2015 when our independence is confirmed.

Think positive! Take over the world, or our small part of it anyway.


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2 responses to “Andy Murrays Grand Slam will be along very soon.

  1. Anne E.

    March 3, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Grasping at straws.

    • Tedious Tantrums

      March 3, 2012 at 8:55 pm

      Short and sweet Anne. I’m not sure it’s straws relating to Andy or to Scottish Independence?

      If it’s Andy, he’s had a pretty good week. Not there yet but going very well in the right direction. If it’s Scottish independence I’d suggest you look at the comments made by the Libdems and the Labour Party this week alone.

      These people are champions at campaigning and they are doing an absoluetly fabulous job at the moment. They are saying all the right things and are being as negative as possible which helps to ensure more and more Scots joi the Yes side. Keep it up!

      The more likely the Scots are t get independence the more likely England will be to get it as well. Keep up the good work. Win win all round.

      Thanks for your comment.



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