Beware Greeks not bearing gifts.

30 Jan

In a previous post last week I mentioned Martin Durkin and his theory that perhaps it was time to privatise money. This was based on his belief that governments, politicians and the civil service/ administrators have failed to control spending and have actually caused the boom and bust cycles, which have had such a devastating effect on the world’s economies.

I mention this because last week our politicians were in Davos discussing the continuing financial crisis, which is still affecting a large number of economies. This week those same politicians are heading to Brussels to discuss the on going Euro shambles.

It was very telling, during the weekend that news services were busy with Afghanistan, footballers and rascism with a hint of Dave and his veto. The real issues in Greece got a mention but the real issue of the EU taking over Greek sovereign finances wasn’t discussed in any detail. It looks like the Greeks are going to be able to come to an agreement with their private lenders. Let’s be honest this is a euphemism for orderly default. DEFAULT.

I’ve never been to Greece and I don’t think I’ve ever had any dealings or even a conversation with a Greek. I was wondering how many famous Greeks I could recall? Demis Roussos, the rotund singing chap with a liking for wearing voluminous garments, Nana Mouskouri, the singing lady with the well behaved hair and large glasses, Vangelis with the large number of keyboards and of course, the one, the only … Gerard Butler. He’s from Paisley you say. That may well be true but he’s a Greek in the same way that Mel Gibson is a Scot!

I’m sure the Greeks are nice people and loads of people go there on holiday. They have a splendid history and spanking very old building. Perhaps they are not so good with money. They have defaulted big time in the past.

It’s unlikely that Call me Dave will be able to stage-manage another “veto” moment in Brussels today even if he can get there. There is a huge demonstration in Belgium today, which is significantly closing down travel. No prob for Call me Dave or the other leaders, there’s always a way if you have enough of other peoples money to get you where you want to go.

Which brings me to Detlev Schlicter. What a name! It promises much before you even know who he is. Detlev, who may be called “Det” by his friends although I’m guessing this, is a man who understands money and how it is used and abused. He is an Austrian economist who lives in London, yes I know, just what we need someone to tell us how things happened after the event rather than before when it might have been useful.

Give his website a go. Splice Detlev and Martin Durkin together and they maybe, just maybe onto to something which could get money under control and actually reduce the likelihood of crashes, crunches, deflation, inflation, budget deficits etc. bloomin’ etc.

Give his website a read and watch his videos. Interesting stuff.


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