Bankers bonuses?

02 Feb

Bankers bonuses? Is there anything else happening in the world apart from bankers bonuses? The politicians just won’t let this go. It’s a mess.

There is a danger that our society becomes or has already become jealous on one side and greedy on the other. Pay rates are always a difficult area, which are exploited by those in management or power, and those who are exploited and workforces in general.

The 99% lot couldn’t articulate their message, or, of they did it passed me by and I did try really hard to find out what it was. Their websites just don’t say anything really, apart from repeating the 99% stuff, which seems to be all they can say. I heard a woman from Occupy on the radio trying to deliver the message but it just sounded like the 1% have everything and the 99% have very little. That may well be the case but stating that over and over and over again does nothing to move the game on.

The politicians of course can’t get enough of the Occupy people, the bad bankers and truly awful press. In all cases the politicians are responsible for the problems in the first place and they use all three of the above to hide their culpability behind.

The press is easy to deal with. The NOTW was a great cover to stop Murdoch grab satellite TV stations in the UK. They stopped him and they have gone on to try to gain political control of the press. They’d love that. No press to write stories exposing activities, which do not sit well with the persona, they like to share with the public.

By the way, when will the police investigate the Guardian for hacking offenses one of their staff has already admitted to? Will they be asked to explain why they made the allegations that the NOTW people were clearing Milly Dowlers mobile phone messages out when in fact it was nothing at all to do with the NOTW?

The there’s also the case of Stirling Moss Huhne. Driving above the speed limit, oh dear, dear, dear all those CO2 molecules pouring out if his cars exhaust pipe because he was going so fast. Not to mention it was his wife who was driving or so he said. Will he enjoy the food in the pokey? No knighthood for Mr Huhne then. He’s no better than a banker. Tells fibs allegedly.

The bankers are such an easy target. The Bankers bosses nip round to see Call me Dave or Captain Brown of the good ship UK when it was his Browness who was in charge. They then agree the bonuses that will be handed out this year over a nice sherry and a slice of cake. Handshakes all round old boy.

Then enter the press. Yes them again. They get to hear about it and the politicians go into denial mode followed by shock, outrage and perplexity. Their faces show hurt, innocence and then anger. In parliament they have a school playground mock fight about whose fault it is although the answer is always the bankers.

They point the finger. It was the bankers what done it and they’re still doing it guv.

Next on the agenda the Occupy people. They’ve a good point to make apparently. Spot on. Totally. But please move along now. The shows over. To avoid a nasty confrontation here’s a bit of land you can occupy close to where you are which is well of the beaten track, won’t be seen by anyone and it’s prime pace for dogs to foul so watch your feet. Done deal.

Between the politicians, the Police, the press, the TV press, the establishment, the bankers, the professional protestors, the rich but we keep it well hidden when we protest protestors, the climate scientists, the fake charities, local councils and councillors, the EU, the Merkozy, Obama the chap who became US President by saying “yes we can” and then proving to all and sundry that “no he jolly well couldn’t”, the confused clergy, the greenies and all these minority groups. There’s little room left to discuss the majority issues, the issues that face the real, working and trying to survive people day after day after day.

Yes we’d like paid more money. Yes we’d like tax reduced significantly. Yes we’d like almost all regulation shredded. Yes we’d like to put the fire on so we don’t die of hyperthermia and switch a light on which actually produces enough actual light for us to actually do something meaningful without having to sell one of our children to pay for it. Yes we’d like to travel without being molested and insulted. Yes we’d like to get bank charges reduced to a reasonable level.  Yes we’d like to buy stuff and not get ripped of every time. Yes we’d like those kind people who phone us to tell us we are due loads of money back from insurance companies who miss-sold us stuff we didn’t need or didn’t compensate us for accidents we didn’t have, to stop phoning and get a life/job. Yes we like the nice people who telephone us from abroad and tell us in a very thick accent they are Kevin and they have a solution to our computer problem which we don’t actually have to call some else like Call me Dave or Fred Goodwin or Gordon Brown or Ester Rantzonanon, or anyone from the One Show.

Feel free to add any number of additional issues you may have also.

There is more wrong with the world than the press, bankers bonuses and lousy politicians.

There is the EU. Undemocratic. Out of control unless you live in Germany or France. Regulation mad. Spend thrifts. Gravy train. Completely devolved from reality.

Let’s move on. You never know we might make some progress. Then again…


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