Huhne the Loon – Part 1

03 Feb

Well faithful and constant reader today is a kind of special day. Today id the day that “Huhne the loon” will find out if he’s going to be charged or not. The issues, as I’m sure you are all aware is that Mr Huhne had his wife, or just plain did it himself without telling her, sign the forms for a speeding offense to say she was driving at the time. Mr Huhne would have lost his licence had he owned up at the time since he had more points on his license which would pushed over the threshold.

Mr Huhnes policies have cost every energy bill payer money and every tax payer money as he’s been encouraging the building of inefficient and ridiculously expensive windmills in his position as Energy Minister. The cost of energy is not an issue for Mr Huhne since he has “loads of money”.

He’s also been fairly active in recent weeks and months providing members of the press, the same press the government is busy trying to gain controls over because the press is so nasty, with leaked documents and information which have been damaging for his “colleagues” in the coalition.

“Call me Dave” may well have to carry out a re-shuffle of his cabinet should Mr Huhne face charges. This may be no bad thing. He could get shot of Nick Clegg first for example? Ms May may find herself with a portfolio, which is more in her grasp also.

Ten o’clock is the time that we will find out. Mr Huhne and his colleagues will find out at 9:00. The rest of us will find out at 10:00.

I’ll update this following the statement at 10:00.


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