Huhne the Loon – Part 2

03 Feb

So Huhne the Loon is to face charges for his speeding offence and his ploy to get his then wife to take the points on her license.

There are days when you think there is indeed fairness and justice in the world. They are very unusual and always surprising. Whilst I NEVER wish ill on my fellow humans I do make EXCEPTIONS for cases like this. Today has demonstrated fairness and justice. Today is an EXCEPTION.

Firstly, Huhne the Loon is in a position of trust and power as a representative for the people of his constituency. Of course he doesn’t see that as being important apart from ensuring he keeps those who voted for him sweet enough to vote for him again. He is in a position of power and privilege, which he enjoys and he also makes decisions, which affect people’s lives.

In his case he has been guilty of following policies, which have increased the likelihood of some people dying. That’s a serious point to make. He has encouraged the installation of hundreds of useless windmills paid for by the taxpayer, which generate the most expensive electricity possible paid for by the taxpayer and in encouraging the energy generators to pass their costs onto the consumer. He has also sat by and watched the businesses and people who own these windmills get paid to turn them off again at the expense of the taxpayer and the consumer. This had led directly to increased energy costs, which has subsequently meant that those most at risk in our society, have been put at even greater risk , particularly when the weather turns cold.

Secondly, this whole issue for Huhne the Loon came about because a newspaper printed a story about it. Huhne the Loon and his fellow politicians from the Palace of Westminster are slowly edging their way to increasing controls of the press. The celebrities have already had a go at it and so have politicians. If the new controls, which the politicians want, had been in place when this story became apparent, the newspaper involved might not have been able to print it.

Huhne the Loon has been living on a level, which is unacceptable to ordinary people. He enjoys significant wealth, which isn’t the issue, the issue is he has been behaving as if he is above the law and above reasonable scrutiny. However, he may now have more time to consider his actions and how he might alter his stance on certain issues.

He is to be charged and we should never pre-judge the outcome. Everyone has a right to a fair trial. The politicians have been eroding this however, aided and abetted by the police and those involved I the Justice System itself. He will have his day in court as will his ex-wife and may people will re-judge the outcome. He is a well-known figure in the government, which might hep or hinder him. The latter probably, but time will tell.

Being charged will remove him from office, which is a reasonable response although he will be replaced with someone similar. He may well stay in politics but it will be for the voters in his constituency to decide. I doubt he will. I doubt he would have anyway. The LibDems have demonstrated they have little in the way of principles and the ballot box may become their worst enemy.

Rather than a stint in one of the more comfortable pokeys perhaps Huhne the Loon should be installed in a small run down council flat with an inadequate heating system and a card meter. He should be provided with a small amount of money to live on, which would ensure he would have to make decisions on choosing to eat or to heat. Let him give that a try and then see if he still clings to his ridiculous greenie principles.


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