Guardians of a free press in the UK

04 Feb

Here we are again then…

Yesterday I had a wee rant; yes I know it’s becoming a regular feature, but it was about Huhne the Loon, which you will immediately agree as being justified. His points make prizes technical hitch now looks like getting him more of a prize than he bargained for. But that was yesterday and this is today.

I was also musing, in the same piece, about what would have happened if the planned controls, so desired by politicians and Leveson himself, on the UK press had been in place when the Sunday Times got the Huhne story in the first place? What controls you ask? The ones the politicians are obviously planning to protect them and their celebrity chums from being exposed by the press.

The story would not have appeared and Huhne the Loon would be continuing on his merry way plotting his next money grab by way of saving the planet against the ravages of CO2. He’d also be carrying out strategic planning for his leadership bid to replace Nick Clegg in the very near future. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Nae luck.

But this is about the press. Two organisations have been instrumental in trying to do down News International and in so doing have allowed potentially disastrous controls to be placed on the UK press. The BBC and The Guardian. The controls will fall just as heavily on them as it will on any of the other newspapers, magazines, TV and radio news programmes, websites etc. etc.

The BBC has spent countless hours on doing News International down mainly to try to stop NI taking over BskyB completely. This would have been a bad thing apparently, since it would have left NI in a position to present TV news without the left wing bias, which is the BBCs trademark. The Guardian opposed NI for the same reasons but they went a bit further.

The Guardian reported that NOTW reporters had deleted messages on Milly Dowlers phone, which lead to her parents thinking that she might still be alive. You may recall a police solicitor state that the NOTW reporter had not done that and it was probably down to the messages being deleted automatically. The Guardian has not withdrawn or commented on their previous statements.

It should also be noted that a Guardian employee, a journalist, also admitted that hacking had taken place at the Guardian and he himself had been involved in it. This was never discussed at the Inquiry or the subsequent Leveson jamboree.

It is ironic that institutions such as the BBC and the Guardian who postured as being above the throng of “hack” reporting and who pride themselves in journalistic integrity, end up helping to prove that controls are required over the UK press. This looks unfortunately like it will be how things will work out.

What do the BBC and The Guardian have in common? They favour the left political viewpoint and their reporting demonstrates this. The Guardian is the newspaper of choice for BBC staff; it’s almost become the hard copy version of BBC news and is referred to often.

My family has a long history of being Labour voters and favouring the left as a position, which reflected the needs of the working man. My Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather would not recognise the fashionably left inclined people who are employed at either the BBC or The Guardian. The fashionably left are no friend of the workingman and could never be. They confuse their dislike of capitalism, which they see as being corporate and greedy. To an extent they are right however, their views and their position as the voice of the left, as they see it, follow and support causes which makes the working mans life harder. Their green agenda has increased bills as has their love of the EU to name but two examples.

They do not seem to have any ability to view any of their campaigns from either a strategic or a holistic viewpoint. They have an aim and they follow it and are then surprised to find their actions cause other effects, some of which are at best detrimental and others sheer tragedy.

What will the headlines be like on the day the politicians finally manage to start the journey to gain the level of press controls they dream off? The initial controls won’t be too dramatic they will be low key but bit by bit they will be tightened in the same tried and tested ways that have resulted in so many freedoms which have been lost.

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