The Queen

06 Feb

The Queen is marking 60 years as monarch of the UK and 15 Commonwealth Realms and says she is dedicating herself “anew to your service”. There’s really no need to on my account at least. I’d suggest taking things easy, enjoying free bus travel and a pension, which may well, be a little bit more generous than the state pension. Maybe spend more time with her racehorses or start a home for retired racehorses and/or royals.

The Queen may well be a very nice person, she may also be trying to live her life in the same manner we all do, looking after herself and her family and trying to help them avoid the unpleasant things, which can occur. I’d guess that her experience of life on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, year to year basis compares to our lives in only one measurable indicator. She breathes and we breathe. Everything else will be different.

The Queen is reported as being pretty approachable and, when outwith formal occasions she goes about her “business” without the need for grandiose adornment or status. The Queen may well be a very nice person.

The problem is less that the Queen is nice and does her duty etc. it’s more of what she stands for and most importantly of all, why she is still England’s monarch and Scotland chosen royal. The Queen is the figurehead of the UK establishment. She represents the establishment and gives and protects its legitimacy and power.

Without the Queen there would be no need or place for all the hangers on, titled people and general pomp and ceremony which in most countries has long since been retired. We pride ourselves as living in a democratic country, as do a lot of countries in the world, and yet here in the UK we have to have a Queen because it avoids us having a Head of State who is a politician.

Our democracy may well be little less than a sham, as it is in most countries, but as a democracy we don’t need royalty. The USA, the land of the free and Obama for a few months more, used to be free that has been eroded enormously, especially in the past ten years or so. Ireland has a President who is voted into that position. The French have Sarkozy as their President. Not good examples? At least with democracy, even as it stands now, those countries can replace their Head of State in a short timescale.

A modern Royal family is the answer you say? Like Prince Albert and the rest of his family perhaps? They behave as celebs, as our own younger Royal Family do also. I was in Monaco a couple of years ago and ended up at the Palace at mid-day just in time to see Prince Albert arrive home for his lunch.

Two cars driven at very high speed with flashing lights and defensive manoeuvring supported by various Police persons making sure the plebs stayed well out of the way. He may have been in a bit of a rush because his toast was burning or he’d miss the news or he’d left the heating on by mistake when he left in the morning.  It was none of those things, I jest. He wouldn’t even be aware of any of those topics at all even if they were true. No. It was all done as a demonstration of petty power and privilege.

Liz is nice but what about Charles or Wills, slightly eccentric and maybe a bit dim? If you are a royalist then good luck to you, I hope you continue to enjoy the spectacle they are the centre of, just don’t look for any favours from them.

In Scotland the people are sovereign. It is this way to avoid royalist nonsense. Alex would be well advised to take note of the Scottish peoples views on who should be head of state in an Independent Scotland. He has already indicated that the Queen should continue in that role but could he really say anything else? If not Liz then Alex?


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