There’s a lot to be done.

07 Feb

Winning the referendum with a resounding YES vote is the most immediate aim. Party activists have been out and about and on TV and radio putting out the message of why the Scottish people should vote for Independence. The Conservatives, Labour and the LibDems have been extremely busy reminding the people of Scotland that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to run our own country.

Scottish voters have reached a point of some balance, half think it’s a good idea and the other half think it isn’t. As long as the ConLabLib keep up their negative canvassing then the greater number of Scottish voters will join the SNP and will decide voting for Independence is the way to go.

Is there a positive spin available from the Unionists? I can’t think of anything they could offer proactively which wouldn’t come across as negative to the Scots. The Union has worked for 300 years so we should stick with it? Together we all benefit from keeping the Union? Nope that’s a far as I can get with them and it.

Banish any thought that the Unionists will go positive. It doesn’t look like there will be a position which is positive. Creating fear and perhaps being a little less accurate, shall we say with some of the arguments seem to be the only tools in their toolbox; for now anyway.

You will be familiar with the word – banish. It has been a well-used word historically. A chap would be banished because he’d done something so bad there was no place for him in the country he lived in. Let’s hope that some of the Scots on the Unionist side stay within reasonable bounds of fair debate. This may prove difficult for Douglas Alexander, Danny Alexander and Michael Moore (who was off absent last week suffering from chicken. Oh wait a minute, oops, oh sorry I got that a bit wrong, is was due to chicken pox).

But what do we do about those that have already transgressed? Gordon Brown for getting things wrong and selling out the RB of S and the Bank of Scotland, Tony Blair for getting into wars, Alistair Darling for the RBofS and Bank of Scotland.  There may be others. It may be a long list.

Of course we’d never banish any of Scotland’s sons and daughters. Probably. Some will choose to leave of their own accord although I don’t see their influence in Westminster being anything worthwhile.

Post referendum we’re looking at either a defeat which Call me Dave reckons will set back Scottish Independence for 30 years or so or we’ll have a win and Alex will be out of a job just like Churchill after the Second World War. The SNP are a party of independence made up of people who want independence but who will want to pursue their own political flavour of what that will be.

Will the Labour Party pick up the pieces following a yes vote? I don’t think they will. The SNP have been successful in part because Labour have been so abysmal and dire for a long time now. Voters will take time to forget how the Labour Party in Scotland neglected their duty in improving the lives of the Scottish people that they did so whilst slavishly kowtowing to Westminster makes it even worse.

One last thing; over the past few weeks I’ve spoken with a couple organisations, which are pretty high up the food chain in the UK. One mainly based in Scotland and one mainly based in England. The Scottish based one is involved in a procurement agreement, which is fronted by an English company, and the English based one is buying very specific Intellectual Property from a Scottish company.

On the face of it this seems pretty normal and acceptable. However, the agreements are heavily reliant on UK government support. There will be a myriad of things that need to be sorted out following a successful yes vote and that will take time. There may be additional costs due to some partnerships being dissolved or cancelled.  However, these will be temporary.

Remember it’s not “stop the world we want to get off”, it’s “stop the world we want to get on”.



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