Another one bites the dust.

08 Feb

It would appear that Fabio Capello has resigned as England football coach. On the face of it Fabio seemed to be at odds with the decision to remove the captaincy from John Terry on the basis that he had not been found guilty, as yet, of the charges, which have been made against him.

There have been rumblings that Fabio wasn’t a happy boy and this seemed like a good time for him to move before the European Championships where England might not fare that well, leaving the blame with Fabio making him less employable for other potential teams.

I’ll admit straight away that I’m not a great follower of football and this is easily demonstrated by the fact that I have a liking for East Stirlingshire FC. I used to play football when I was young and go to big games but I kind of grew out of it. I got back into it again when my son was young and I took him to some of the local teams in the area where the crowds were smaller and behaviour less confrontational. Pie quality may also have played a small but important part of game choice also.

As I have said on many occasions and blogs I like English people and I like England. I’m not keen on English sport commentators however. No matter the sport they are very jingoistic and I mean very. You may have noticed this?

A few years ago a friend from England was in Scotland when England were playing in the World Cup. Scotland wasn’t. We’ve stopped doing that since we’ve not been producing the quality of player that we used to. We do however; seem to produce really good managers. Just take a look at the nationality of managers in the English Premiership, quite a few of them are from north of the border.

Anyway, the friend wanted to watch one of the England games and he was quite shocked at how the commentators came over away from the English setting. He was particularly scathing about the constant harping back to 1966. More recently some of the comments made by English commentators with regard to Andy Murray haven’t been particularly useful and in some cases perhaps less positive than they could have been.

Harry Redknapp has had an interesting few hours. Firstly he was acquitted of the charges against him for tax evasion and then he’s “in the frame” for the next English football manager job. I’ve no idea why anyone would want that job. It’s like the English press make it very difficult for the team to achieve anything. Don’t they know they are all on the same side?

Anyway, Harry must be pretty relieved that he a free man. Perhaps he shouldn’t get too comfortable however. The system now seems to be that the authorities will just keep on taking people to court until they get the verdict they deem is “right”. John Terry may also fall foul of this. Perhaps nice Mr Huhne may find himself on the receiving end of this new justice too. Call me Dave won’t have anything to do with that though. He’s a big supporter of Mr Huhne or something like that.

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