Celebs and hacks.

11 Feb

When will it ever end, which of the many things which are irritating, unfair, nasty and just plain downright greedy? The whining and profiteering of the so-called celebrities of course.

Last week saw more of them whine again at Leveson and accept money from the press for “hacking” their phones. Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan chief amongst this batch.

Steve Coogan actually said that his case against the press was never about money. However he seems to have accepted the monies that the press felt it necessary to hand out to stop the on going crusades by the celebs, the politicians and of course the segment of the press (the BBC and The Guardian) who are above such things (maybe not as far above them as they like to portray however).

Hugh Grant is on his high horse. He’s climbed the ladder, from offering lifts to ladies who turn out to be not completely innocent in the ways of some gentlemen, through fairly bumbling acting skills based on playing himself in every part he’s aver had, to become a knight in shinning armour fighting the good and honourable fight against the ghastly press. What a hero.

Mr Grant wants the press controlled by the same sort of privacy laws they have in France. I don’t think the general populace in the UK want that. In fact I think they actually don’t care about celebs at all. Some may like reading about them and seeing into their world but they don’t really care much about what happens to them unless they have some huge reason.

Steve Coogan also wants controls over the press. If Mr Coogan was acting purely for moralistic reasons he wouldn’t accept the money offered. He would have it go to a charity. What is absolutely, definitely clear though is that all the celebrities who are “shocked” by press treatment will expect the press to turn up in droves to cover their latest utterances when they have a book, film, TV prog or some personal news they’d like to impart to benefit their “Celeb” status.

Mr Clifford was also waxing lyrically this week. Mr Clifford portrays himself as a fixer in as much as he can stop articles appearing which might cause his clients embarrassment whilst also using the press to push stories, which might provide a positive response for his clients. So he needs the press then?

I think the answer to all of this is simple. The press should stop publishing articles on celebs, politicians, footballers, etc. etc.. Well when I say stop publishing I mean stop publishing for free. Charge advertising rates for any coverage. This might endanger some publications, which major on celebs? If the press as a whole stuck rigorously to this they would end up making more money surely?

The other opportunity for the press is for them to investigate the celebs who have been making the most of the current situation. Good old fashioned investigative journalism, leave no stone unturned, done legally and feet deep evidence to back it all up. Or just don’t give any further free press to these same celebrities, it’s for the celebrities own good is it not?

Let’s hear Call me Dave propose a bill, which makes it illegal for the press of any type or flavour, report anything at all about any sort of celebrity including politicians. He won’t though. He can’t afford it and neither can all the other politicians and celebs.

It would be wonderful if it happened though.

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