Thank you very much…

17 Mar

Since work has calmed down a bit, at least, I thought I’d get back to some sort of blogging.

I thought I’d start by saying thank you to a number of people and organisations who have truly excelled.

First of all I’d like to think Mr Al Gore. I’d like to thank for him for confirming that once an idiot always an idiot. When Al was “the next President of the USA”, those are his words obviously, he was lambasted and treated as a joke. Why? Because he had no substance and he had become a laughing-stock. Nothing changes eh!

I’d like to thank all those climate scientists who ditched the scientific method and used a different method altogether, which produced the results they wanted rather than real results, which would be factual. They’ve taught us all a valuable lesson. All those daily health scares, planet-frying scares, Sun microwaving Earth scares, planet freezing scares, cuddly fluffy animal extinction scares, second hand smoke scares, drinking too many, too quickly alcohol scares, cholesterol scares, fat scares, thin scares, you name it scares and completely, utterly ridiculous scares, which even a five year old can see through keeps them all in jobs.

I’d like to thank all politicians and Call me Dave and his LibDem side kicks in particular for demonstrating how inept, detached and arrogant politicians have become. They’ve also managed to demonstrate how worthless voting has become as has democracy, yes the same democracy they want third world countries to sign up to because it is a good thing to do (only for politicians anyway).

I’d also like to thank successive governments for stealing my money. If they hadn’t stolen so much of it I would just have rushed out and bought things which would have made my life a bit better, maybe even reduced the daily stress of surviving.  It’s been good of them to steal my money in order to give it to other people they feel are more deserving than I am and to help keep climate scientists and thousands of hangers on in work.

I’d like to thank the new “lefties”, “environmentalists” and “the righteous” who know what is right for the rest of the population and gracefully tell us all how to live our lives. Without their guidance, knowledge and caring I’d be out travelling around, wasting money (which the government hasn’t got round to taking from me yet) doing things I might enjoy, saying things (without having to use their ridiculous language) and paying through the nose (from the money that they haven’t taken from me yet) for petrol and all other energy and making sure that food conforms to their self defined standards which are based on nothing but elitist crap.

I’d especially like to thank Edinburgh council and all the staff and councillors who sail in her. I’m very, very, very grateful to them for ripping up so much of Edinburgh for the trams, for making it incredibly expensive to park and for wasting £400M (the £200M they failed to save by contracting out council services and the £200M they had to borrow to complete the trams). I’d also like to thank them for hating cars and car drivers and making it impossible to drive around Edinburgh City Centre at less than a snails pace (the restrictions were supposed to speed things up but of course they’ve achieved the opposite). I’m also very happy about them making it so difficult for people to spend money in the shops. Special mention here for the continuing destruction of George Street, which in any other city would be supported and encouraged as a lovely shopping area

I could go on.

You may like to add to the list or have one of your own.




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