The budget, the facts and the wild, wild rumours…

19 Mar

It’s that time of year again. The Budget. This year we have of course, George Osborne leading the team again, ably helped by one Mr Danny Alexander who may well need to find a new political party at the next election and a new country to live in (I’d imagine it will be both).

The rumours are out. Obviously the government will have started some and some will have been started by people who have an axe to grind. Some will be wildly wide of the mark and others will be won’t be. No matter what they have decided to do, one thing is guaranteed. We, the taxpayer, will be worse off. That is the way of things.

It shouldn’t be the way of things and it certainly wouldn’t be the way of things if we lived in a democracy for example. What’s that I hear you say? We do live on democracy? At best we get three or four votes which we can take part in over a five year period which prove we live in a democracy. The local council elections, the general elections and of course, the elections for MEP for the EU (which isn’t democratic at all). In Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland we also get to vote for our devolved parliament or assembly.  Does that sound like a working democracy to you? Bearing in mind that there is so little difference between the parties, which we get to vote for? Bearing in mind that our MP, MSP and local councillor is held in check by the “ party whip”?

Back to the budget. The Government will no doubt increase duty on tobacco, and justify it because it’s bad for your health, alcohol, because it’s bad for your health and petrol because it’s bad for the planets health. In fact they will increase these duties because they can and because they desperately need the money because they continue to spend more money than they bring in.

This mornings little bit of joy on the BBC news was that Call me Dave is going to have private contractors look after roads with pundits claiming that this will lead to road toll charges, like the toll road around Birmingham. This is a perfect example of successive governments stealing money.

If you drive a car or any other type of motorised transport you pay road tax. The amount varies by the level of extortion the government can exert using all manner of stupid, made up nonsense. You will be familiar with the higher road taxes, which are based on fuel use. Firstly people who drive vehicles, which use more fuel, pay more fuel duty and secondly the amount of road tax gathered in by the government is not used to actually repair roads or improve road networks etc.

Road tolls work in other countries? Yes they do but then they don’t pay either the ludicrous amounts of fuel duty or road tax.

The real challenge for the Chancellor is to reduce taxation across the board for as long as it takes to reduce the size of government, reduce regulation until it’s realistic and stop giving our money to people that the government thinks are more deserving than us.

Is it going to happen? Of course not.

Government is there to govern because we can’t think for ourselves.

That may not continue to be the case however.


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