As safe as houses

20 Mar

Bad men have tried successfully and unsuccessfully to hi-jack and bomb planes. They have done this for political or religious reasons. We have good men and women who toil all day long to ensure that air travel is safe. They expect us to walk through metal detectors, make sure we only carry small amounts of liquids and no sharp objects or weapons and bombs on board of course. Sometimes they expect us to allow them to swab us and to submit to a full body scan.

All the airports seem to have differing ways of doing things and it seems pretty obvious that the b ave men and women who do this work have been trained to stand for no nonsense etc.

The following video link shows a tribute to how wrong things have become. El-Al the Israeli airline do things differently. They use profiling. Our brave men and women have also been trained in profiling which seems to be based on – make anyone who asks questions, doesn’t comply with everything we say and do everything we ask them to do a target for harassment. Also bear in kind that all this security is based on things that have happened, not about things that might happen.

Anyway, make up your own mind.

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