It’s March, it’s Wednesday, it must be the budget.

21 Mar

You know that bit they always have on the news on budget day? The bit where the Chancellor stands outside No 11 and holds the battered old red box up which contains this year’s budget? Well the contents are not that much of a surprise really, are they?. The picture of the extended Treasury Team getting their moment of fame because they can is actually quite sad.

On the BBC last night they had loads of budget news. Mr Peston seemed to have had some sort of “moment” earlier in the day and I didn’t see much of him (not that I bump into him on a regular basis or any other basis at all you understand). No, the BBC had loads of inside information and were able to tell us about the increase in personal allowances, the reduction of the 50% tax rate and the biggest earners getting a bit of a doing to pay for it all.

You have to pinch yourself when you hear this stuff. Is it real? Do the government chaps actually believe that we believe their little charade? This year ,more than any other I can remember, sounds like a bunch of sort of mates gettting together and deciding what to do. Is this anyway to run a country? No. But then you have a marketing man leading the country. Who’d have thunk it?

The biggest surprise though is this is a Conservative Prime Minister and Chancellor and their tax policy just doesn’t sound like they are. The LibDems might have had things to say about the outcome which swayed it a bit to the left but does Call me Dave really listen to Nick and his mates?

Whatever happens the bottom line still remains the same. We will be worse off. We will have to pay more for the things we need to live our lives and also for the things, which make life a wee bit more bearable at times.

The alternative budget then from Tedious Tantrums.

  1. Immediately cease all subsidies and payments for alternative energy production. The current players will whine you say? They will lose money? Tough. The money saved would then be used to bring down energy bills to much, much lower levels.
  2. The amount of duty on fags, alcohol and petrol should be reduced by 50% immediately. Creating a hole on the government’s budget? Reduce government activities significantly, reduce the number of MPs, reduce the size and scope of all Government departments and other bodies and withdraw troops rom Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere else and do not get involved in any further wars!
  3. Stop all overseas aid until a transparent system, which guarantees clear benefits to the recipients, is defined. Do not give any money in any way shape or form to fake charities.
  4. Increase the entry point for stamp duty on house purchases.
  5. Stop charging VAT on duty. Vat can only be charged on the actual product or service cost.
  6. Start using the money collected for Health, Pensions, and Roads etc. for Health, Pensions, and Roads etc. and not for anything other than they were collected for.
  7. Ditch the TV license with immediate effect. The BBC has to make money if it wants to be a broadcaster. No more handouts.
  8. Reduce the size of councils and reduce the salaries, which can be paid to senior council officers. Remove any rights to jobs for life for council staff. Remove the vast majority of additional charges councils make for parking, licensing, planning etc.
  9. Get Universities, colleges and all types of education bodies out of the market place. They are there to educate people and their participation in various markets and market segments represents unfair competition since they have public money funding.
  10. Everyone who reaches retirement age even if it’s a higher starting point than 65 (that’s everyone, not just men) gets a decent state pension and do not have to pay Council Tax and any costs associated with their care.

Oh, there should be more, a lot more. And those that whine on about “being realistic” can keep that to themselves. Realism is what we make it, It is not something that we put up with because we have no alternative or we think we have no alternative.

I may well re-visit this post as the day progresses.

It’s been a ranting start to the day!


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