George Osborne steals from Grannies.

22 Mar

My post yesterday, which dealt with the possible inclusions in the budget, turned out to be spectacularly wrong. Just as you would have imagined they would do.

Unfortunately the bit I got mostly wrong was that of how our older people are treated. George decided that he would phase out the age allowances for those older people who pay tax.

What would be the circumstances of an older person having to pay tax anyway? They’ve lived their life paying taxes for fifty years or so and then they retire to enjoy their later years without the constant pressure of paying bills and making ends meet. That’s how it should be is it not? Okay, people are living longer despite tobacco related cancers, alcohol related disease and eating too many fry ups and all the other nonsense the health professionals tell us is bad for us. Living longer is a good thing surely.

Some people may have saved well and/or have added private pensions to their state allowance. They may have an active investment portfolio and some might still work because they choose to. Why should they pay tax on whatever income they now have? They have to pay duty and VAT on the stuff they buy. They have to pay green taxes, which are stuck, illegally, on energy bills and they have to continue to pay council tax.

Taking more money from pensioners will mean more are less able to pay their way as they would like. More will be less likely to enjoy the retirement they had planned and before you say that those being taxed more highly are far from the breadline also bear in mind that any savings which our older people may have are attracting derisory interest returns and the value of their savings are falling whilst goods and services are getting more expensive.

This isn’t good and should have never been allowed to happen, shame on George and all his chums in parliament.

The only small upside to this is that all those public servants who get those wonderful gold plated pensions will have to pay more too. It won’t affect them much but it will affect them.

There is a much bigger question though that needs to be asked. Why are we accepting everything that is said by these politicians? Why are we putting up with the nonsense we do from all and sundry publicly employed people? We pay their wages. We pay their pensions. We provide wonderful working environments? They are there to serve us. They may want to advise us of better ways of doing things us at times but we will be the ones who decide if we will accept what they say.

Perhaps all those older people out there who have time on their hands might like to become more involved in wrenching the balance of power away from politicians and public servants?

It would be good if someone did!

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