Cute cat video.

25 Mar

I like cats; I’m less keen on dogs. No real idea why though.

We have a couple of cats. We have a 5-year-old tomcat that weighs in at 7Kg and is a big cat by any standards. He’s a cool dude. Not keen on being handled though and he’s too big to argue with. He had an unfortunate time when he was a kitten. His previous owner had an issue and the police handed the cat into a local cat place. We took him although he gets a bit snarly at times. Not his fault though.

He likes curries, pizza, fish in batter, which tells it’s own story. We were going away on holiday a couple of years ago and he was going to a cattery, which was on the way to the airport. He doesn’t travel well and gets carsick. The cattery person told us to spray the box with w pheromone spray, which would calm him, and to not feed him the night before.

We did this and he went out at 4:00 am, as is his want and came back in plenty of time for us to set off. We were about half way or so to the cattery when he was sick. Projectile obviously, which only just stayed in his box. Chicken korma. He must either have mooched the remnants of a last nights meal from a neighbour or eaten from a discarded tin tray. Not pleasant.

The star of the video however is our young cat who is part Bengal. She is so speedy and she talks a lot. We’ve no idea what she says although we can guess I want food and water noises and it’s time for some of that nice cooked chicken screeching!

She’s pretty bright although the video may not reflect that. She will be getting out soon so she may well gain enough savvy to know the difference between a real threat and an inanimate threat. Time will tell.


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