It’s Craven of the BBC.

29 Mar

On Sunday nights episode of Country File John Craven, of Newsround fame, was strutting his stuff. He does this most weeks and it’s almost always the same basic story, the same basic message and he has the same sort of basic approach and references.

Last night it was “The Drought”. The Drought is a very bad thing, as long as you live within the drought area. Reservoirs are at their lowest ebb for many a year. Farmers are wringing their hands and contemplating doom and gloom.

Johns first point was to recognise that famers are hard done by as far as water is concerned. They don’t use as much as people think and when the going gets tough they are the first to get their supplies reduced. This is a tragedy since we all rely on farmers for our food.

John interviewed a farmer using his trick of asking pointed questions to get the farmers to say what he needed them to say. Then he brought out a woman from the Farmers Union who said that farmers were already considering what to grow based on water availability. She rhymed of a number of things including “biomass”.  So that means that farmers will grow biomass which will be used in “green” power stations in order to keep the money rolling in. This means that crops, which will be used for food and for animal feed, will not be grown. It just gets worse.

Next part dealt with how we can make more of our water. A chap who knows a thing or two about water said we’d have to use less. Apparently we each use 160 litres of water each a day so we need to take less time in the shower. We need to put bricks in the cistern in the toilet etc. etc. etc. Although he didn’t mention it we could also import or produce our own version of the environmental toilets they have in the USA. When they flush they use a lot less water, which is a good thing. It would be better if they actually worked and didn’t require two flushes, which uses more water than a “bog” standard toilet.

Then a chap from a fake charity came on and started lecturing about how much water is used in the wrong way and how much water is used in concrete which then is used for homes build on the flood plain. Too many people also, drinking and using too much water.

Then John comes out with the phrase that everyone has been waiting on. Climate change will make things much worse. This is the bottom line. Climate change cannot be ignored. It is the one true God. It has to be worshipped and evangelised.

At no time did anyone mention immigration, the shameful lack of investment in water infrastructure, storage and distribution going back many years, the lack of expanding storage and distribution, reasonable demand increases, the lack in addressing water loss through leaks and the fact that we all pay and have paid water rates which have not been used to invest correctly in the infrastructure because profits have to be made.

John Craven missed all of this. He missed the truths and spent his time on camera taking about “effect” not “cause”. John Craven with his nice homely jumpers. John Craven who first brought news to children. Cuddly John Craven. The level of reporting was no better than the worst reporting carried out on slebs by the News of the World. Facts? Let’s not let those get in the way of a good scare.

Give it up John. If you can no longer either recognise the truth from the froth or be able to present the facts such as they are it’s time to shuffle off and reflect on your previous and distant successes.


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2 responses to “It’s Craven of the BBC.

  1. Neil Wyatt

    April 30, 2012 at 1:22 am

    Spot on, I’m ashamed I used to listen to this establishment creep as a child.

    • Tedious Tantrums

      April 30, 2012 at 6:54 am

      He seems to be absent at the moment. His replacement says the same things. There is only one way for them and that’s the BBC way. A great shame.
      Thanks for your comment.


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