Gorgeous George Galloway

31 Mar

It may be that the election of  “Gorgeous George Galloway” in the Bradford West by-election has proved a significant point; namely that the vast majority of voters in the UK are sick to the back teeth of the three main political parties. The voters decided that George was a better bet than the rest because he did not represent one of the three established parties in the UK.

George winning required him to cross the racial/ethical divide and garner support from people with significantly diverse views. In recognising the commonality of voters rather than exploiting their differences George managed to get back to Westminster to the apparent joy of the rest of the members, okay I made that last bit up. Perhaps voters have truly reached the point of no return?

The last general election showed how little the policies of the three main parties differed. The result was a non-result, in as much as no party had a real majority and so we ended up with the coalition of the Tories and Libdems. It didn’t bode well when one of the first things they did was to decide on the next election date, which was, of course the last possible day for a full 5-year term. When this was announced I can’t remember any politician standing up and saying that the date had been set but this would be subject to the agreement of the British people. Such is our woeful lack of democracy.

The behaviour of the LibDems immediately showed how power hungry they really were and the subsequent shedding of supporters has been incredibly destructive for them. They have made themselves unelectable. The Tories then went on to demonstrate how out of touch with reality they are and how they are lacking in real intellect and do not possess any real imagination. They have amply demonstrated in the past few months that they have no real awareness of how to govern. They are making themselves more unelectable by the day or perhaps that should be “sound bite of the day”

Next up is Labour. Ed Milliband. Labour left a colossal mess which was not entirely down to them but which their previous policies made much worse. Their attempts to provide an opposition to the coalition have been woeful. But how can they offer opposition when their position is so similar to the Tories and the Libdems?

In Scotland the SNP did the impossible just like Gorgeous George. They won against all the odds. The won because the voters were so fed up with the three main parties. It looks like the new game in town for politicians, is not to belong to one of the three main parties and then the likelihood is that you could well get a result and end up with a ticket for the gravy train.

Can the three parties reinvent themselves? Unlikely. The choice between different parties is barely visible not just in the UK but in many countries around the world. That being the case how will voters react? The number of people voting has already shrunk to a concerning degree and this can’t really continue for everyone’s sake.

Ideally, the availability of either independent or small party candidates might force a change which could result in the three main parties being side-lined. There is a working model of this already. The LibDems are in freefall, it will take them a long time to rebuild but they are accustomed to being on the fringe rather than in the spotlight so that shouldn’t be a major concern for them.

Bottom line? The main parties aren’t going to go out with a whimper and they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo.

It could get dirty, very dirty!

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