The true saviour of mankind

02 Apr

The true saviour of mankind.So here we are. The financial situation is not great for a great many people. According to some scientists we are going to be fried/drowned/starved substantially due to global warming and according to health professionals we eat, drink, smoke  and do all the wrong things which will kill us all dreadfully apart from the health professionals.

How are we going to survive all of these gloom and doom predictions? Ignore them? Of course but is that enough? We don’t really want to be hearing these things in the first place but we aren’t about to start burying our head in the sand. We don’t want to hear these things because so much of it is not based on any real, empirical evidence. Oh no. It’s all become so heavily politicised it’s hard to know what is fact and what is utter and complete guff.

But there is a saviour out there who will get us all through this no matter what guff we are told and who will get us through even when stuff hits a fan and things get a bit less comfortable for us. The saviour of course is human ingenuity and innovation.

There’s no church where we can worship human ingenuity and innovation. Unfortunately however, there are a great many churches where those who come from the more Luddite side of the spectrum; the greatest churches are the Church of Global Warming, the Church of the Environment and the Church of the fashionably Left.

These churches are all dedicated to the reversal of progress and, you know what, they have been achieving this. For the first time in many years it looks very likely that the next generation will be worse off in many ways than the present generation. The basic aim of those who truly care about humanity is to build on previous achievements in the knowledge that the next generation will do the same. Yet those of the three churches above no longer view progress as such. They want to reverse engineer the way we live our lives, put back in the box hard won benefits which have made innumerable ordinary people’s lives better, easier and more enjoyable.

How far do they want us to go back in time? Simple. To a point before industrialisation, to a point when people lived off the land and there was little if any technology, medicine and comforts as we know them. There are parts of the world where this is still the case, parts of Africa where they farm the land, where diseases are rampant, malnutrition ever close and life expectancy significantly lower than we are currently enjoying

The present system is less than perfect. Significant questions are beginning to be raised as to our fast disappearing rights, lack of democracy and the continuing and increasingly complete arrogance by governments of all hues and beliefs in helping themselves to people’s money excused by calling it taxation.

Debt, avarice, greed, and complacency; we’re all guilty to a degree. The rights that we have lost and continue to lose were hard won we do ourselves, our fore-bearers and our future generations a disservice by allowing the erosion to continue.

There are signs in some parts of the world including the UK that things may be changing albeit slowly.

Hope springs eternal.


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