A dinner date.

03 Apr

Getting close to the famous and powerful can be pretty exciting for some people. For others just getting close enough could result in some business or influence being put their way. This is pretty shabby. Unfortunately it seems to be a scam that out politicians have been using to fill their party coffers.

The disclosure of the Tories practicing this and using the hard sell technique usually used during some sort of “hustle” stunt. If you’ve seen The Real Hustle you’ll be familiar with the techniques used to separate punters from their cash. In the video, which was made by The Sunday Times, used the hustle techniques on the Tory rather than on the victim. The Tory was given a huge carrot by being offered a potential £250K “donation” and the pound signs in his eyes got his mouth going and rest they say is history.

At best it’s tacky and at worst criminal.

There are two salient points for me. Firstly The Sunday Times is a News International newspaper belonging to a certain Mr Murdoch. Is it just co-incidence that Sunday Times investigated this? I’d like to think that this was the start of a number of exposes which will show politicians, policemen, TV people and of course the slebs as being less than innocent.

The second point is that some politicians will use this episode as a way of pushing for taxpayer funding of political parties. This would be a dreadful way to go. Taxpayers already fund MPs who then go on and do what they are told by the party whips or follow their own agenda, which does not match with their constituency voters.

Again the main question is – why do we put up with this?

I quite liked the description of the lunches being held by the SNP, which featured various ministers. It sounded pretty low rent in comparison to our friends in Westminster who do grand on a… well a grand scale I suppose.

It sounds like the SNP people take guests to the Holyrood café in the parliament or maybe they push the boat out and go to a local restaurant although nothing too fancy mind. Let’s hope they don’t go too far down the food chain however and end up taking people to one of the Fish and Chip Shops up the Royal Mile. They are fairly handy and the SNP and their guests could walk. The big questions would be is it a fish or a pie or a fried Mars bar supper and do you want brown sauce with it?

I suppose there would be further decisions to make also. Like who wants Irn Bru or the diet version and will anyone go the whole hog and have Red Cola. Obviously the SNP and their guests would have to stand outside and to eat, making sure that they put the wrappers in the appropriate bin.

Now that would be a bit of fun. Grand on a less grand scale.


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