Living in Edinburgh is a real joy. Living with Edinburgh Council and councillors perahps less so.

07 Apr

Recent news reveals that the Statutory Repairs Scheme, which ensures people either repair or have their properties repaired for them to a reasonable standard has cost Edinburgh Council £30 million so far although the final bill will be a lot higher. That’s the amount of money that has been spent on building companies to do the repairs. It’s hugely over the expected amount and wildly outside the expected costs.

I said the council had accumulated costs but that should in fact be “the Edinburgh Council taxpayers” have cost of £30 Million. The Council doesn’t have any money. Every single penny that it has it either gets from council taxpayers, central government (taxpayers) or uses the money provided to fund any schemes, which make money (if such things exist).

£30 million is a lot of money. A bigger amount of money is £230 million. Where did the extra £200 million come from? £200 million is the amount of money the council would have saved if the councillors had voted to contract out various council services. So the councillors are complicit in this.  That’s the same councillors who are standing for re-election in a few weeks time.

£230 million is a lot of anyone’s money. A much bigger amount of money is £430 million. Where did the extra £200 million come from? The tram project was stalled and to complete it the council had to borrow a further £200 million. That’s the council taxpayers who are borrowing the money not the council or the councillors.

£430 million pounds. The population of Edinburgh is currently around 486120, which means every person in Edinburgh potentially lost £884.56 each in the last six months. This doesn’t take into account the interest, inflation and other knock-ons, which will substantially increase the amount.

If you live in Edinburgh have you had any contact by the council or councillors to apologise for this appalling loss? No? I thought not.

It’s been covered in the press but no one has resigned, no one has changed address to the Saughton area (the local prison) although five people have suddenly found themselves with a lot more time to spend in their garden and fifteen people remain on suspension with full pay awaiting a decision on their employment status. Some of these people will no doubt go through the courts. Some are senior managers apparently but not senior enough so far.


Also bear in mind that this is all happening during a period of reduced government funding of local authorities. Council staff are receiving 0% pay rises for the second year in a row whilst inflation is running at a nominal annual rate of 3%ish.


And we allow this to happen? Why?

Remember this when you go to vote. All the political parties are complicit in this. Them all. Bar none.

We also have to consider the voting system we have in Scotland when voting for local councillors. At the moment the council ward, rather than Psychiatric Ward I should be in for putting up with the council and the councillors, has three councillors. One Labour, one SNP and one LibDem. They all say the same things, lay claim to have sorted the same issues and tell us how things will be even better if we just vote them in again whilst making sure we do not vote for any of the other candidates from the other parties.

It just gets worse.

You would think that our glorious SNP leaders in Holyrood would be making sure their councillors were squeaky clean. It seems however that the difference between Scottish Slaver (Labour) and the SNP is purely the independence question. The Tollies (Tories – ask an Aberdonian for the meaning of Tollies if you are not familiar with that word), the Libdims and the Greens are so completely out of touch with reality it’s laughable

And we put up with this? Why?

The pavements are in a terrible state and roads also. Parking is dreadful and very, very costly. The Council have a monopoly of bus services and have been increasing the fares because of the effect the tram works have had on profits. Gas and water works have been on going for years and at the same time as the tram works.

You couldn’t actually make it up!

Perhaps Edinburgh Council could take lessons on how a city should be run from Naples?


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