Has it become impossible to support a political party in the UK?

09 Apr

I’ll fess up immediately here and state that I joined the SNP a few weeks ago. I did this for one reason and one reason only; Scottish Independence.

I’m only interested in the SNP achieving the goal of independence for Scotland. I’d maybe actually have joined the Tollies (Tories – if you are not familiar with the Tollie word ask an Aberdonian) if they had promised Independence and maybe even Scottish Slaver or horror of horrors even the Greens for the same reason. Independence is so important that it matters not who achieves it, just that it is achieved.

SNP membership does throw up a slight problem however, I keep getting emails and stuff asking me to go and meet with them, give them more dosh and canvass and such like for the local government elections in May. Whilst I’ll be up for it in 2014 I’m just not keen to do it for this election and I have a very good reason for not helping.

The SNP councillors in Edinburgh have voted to retain in-house service teams, which would have saved some £200M and went against the advice of council officers and an audit by one of the big four accountancy firms in the process. They also voted to continue the trams meaning a further £200M had to be borrowed to guarantee completion of a part of the original grand scheme at least.

I couldn’t possibly support either of those actions. It makes little if any sense.

What about the big Scottish Independence vote then? I’ll help because I want Scottish Independence. But what about after a successful YES vote? What then for the SNP?

I couldn’t support a party who introduce a minimum price for alcohol, who want to introduce plain packaging far cigarettes and who seem to think that windmills will power the Scottish economy. Neither can I support Alex’s comments about the Queen being our head of state or Scotland remaining in the EU. Those are decisions for the Scottish electorate to consider and decide on and politicians to enact.

In reality the SNP seem to be more like Scottish Slaver than the existing Scottish Slaver Party. Left wing socialism has been a traditional Scottish standpoint but look what has been achieved or rather, what hasn’t been achieved? The West has suffered appalling deprivation whilst being represented by Nu Slaver, Slaver and Scottish Slaver. The traditional industries are long, long, long gone and very little has been achieved to replace them with, as a minimum, meaningful and reasonably paid jobs.

Could the Tollies do better? Not a snowballs chance in the (electoral) desert. The LibDems? They are so far from being electable it’s hard to believe but still true. The Greens? They are basically anti-people and they don’t offer anything to help Scotland.

Following a successful Scottish Independence vote new parties will have to be formed. Parties which have no alliance with existing Westminster parties and who can deliver what Scotland needs; health, education, justice, business and commerce, which will allow everyone in Scotland to enjoy a good standard of living without downturns and crashes.

The oil money will help secure this but other activities will also ensure a more robust and less fragile economy based on exporting goods and services. 40% of trade at the moment is with EU members 60% however is with non-EU countries and those hold the best potential for increased trading given the the EU is stagnating.

The political landscape of Scotland will have to be devoid of nannyism whilst having small government and low taxation. Being in the EU will not allow any of that. Woe betides the politician who tries to go down a route, which is the same as the present one. People in Scotland must be freed from the constant controlling which Westminster has introduced willingly, in partnership with the EU.

So can anyone really support a political party as things stand? Only those who have something to gain and once they’ve gained it they won’t be supporting it any longer. The politicians need to be better. The bun fight in parliament has to be stopped and replaced with meaningful debate, which demonstrates respect for the electorate by politicians.

There are politicians in the Scottish parliament who are good such as Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney, Annabel Goldie and Tavish Scott (but only on a good day at the moment). I’m sure there are others also. They should always remember one significant fact – in Scotland it is the Scottish people who are sovereign.


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