BBC The Apprentice Lording it in the boardroom Episode 5

12 Apr

Here we are again, happy as can be!

In the Big Brother House… Oh wait a minuet it’s not big Brother it’s the Lords house or at least one that’s been rented by the BBC for as long as it takes for Lord Sugar to choose.. Fanfare please and make it a good one… His new business partner in his soon to be new business venture which will be funded to the extent of £250K by Lord Sugar himself no less.

This week the two teams were again mixed up a bit more and the task was to buy second hand stuff and sell it for a profit. Lord Sugar suggested that lots of people were doing this and making money and provided examples such as car boot sales, second hand shops and charity shops.

Lord Sugars assistant once again had telephoned the house to announce that she was from Lord Sugars office and Lord Sugar wanted them to meet him in an hour. This had in fact been a day off for the budding condidates further demonstrating Lord Sugars disdain for conventional working practices and in particular the taking of holidays. This is a man who worked at least 72 hours a day 400 days a year for in excess of 150 years.

The teams were enthused and started off the next day, bright and early as is Lord Sugars want. First things first though, who would be team leaders this time? Step up Laura Hogg, Bridal Shop Owner! Laura says that Michelle Mone is her inspiration, which may come in handy if she takes to keying the cars of other the candidates. The other team leader was to be Tom Gearing who was gearing up ready to go and use the same techniques as Candy and Candy his preferred interior designers.

Laura went down the route of buying stuff with the intention to up-cycle them into something rather splendid. The buying team bought stuff, which was fairly poor, and they also bought materials, which would be used to up-cycle the stuff.

Tom gave his buying team £200 to go out and find good stuff, not a lot of money given they had £1000 to start with but perhaps his buying team could make it stretch?

The shops took shape with Laura being pretty muddled and the resulting up-cycling needing far too much money and not being particularly better for it.

Toms shop was minimalist although perhaps a bit short on stuff to sell.

Both teams sold fairly steadily and Tom had to send out for more stuff to actually sell. A convenient Car Boot sale provided him with enough stock to complete the days opening.

In the boardroom Laura lost because she didn’t sell enough. Sound familiar? Tom won because he made the most profit because he’d sold stuff, which was appealing to Brick Lane customers and he may well have known his stuff from others rubbish with his obvious interest in interior design.

Laura escaped being fired because Jane McEvoy fell foul of Karen Brady who felt she was too aggressive and desperate when trying to sell to potential cutomers. Jane has a fabulous CV and is very experienced in the business world maybe that’s not what Lord Sugar is looking for?

Tom won mainly because his team bought the right stuff at a price, which allowed them to make a good profit margin. Laura lost because she bought poor quality stuff and then spent too much money up-cycling it which didn’t result in the added value required to charge higher prices which people were prepared to pay.

It’s also worth mentioning Gabrielle Omar who worked extremely hard to up-cycle the stuff Laura’s buying team had bought. Her profession as an architect may have helped her see value and she did try hard to deliver it.

And that’s it for this week. I’m away now to claim a Guinness Book of Records world record for the most repetitions of the word “up-cycling” in a blog piece.

I’m wondering what Lord Sugar will get up to next week? Will Karen keep him onside and will Nick Hewer make sure he makes the count down?

Only time will tell.

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