Didn’t The Economist do well!

15 Apr

The front cover of the latest edition of The Economist was a well chosen marketing ploy of which “Call me Dave” would be proud. A few deft words here and there changing the names of Scottish towns etc. and the publishers knew they had a winner on their hands. They knew the Scots would rise to the bait, that the politicians would jump on it and the MSM would grab hold of it and run with it.
Lots more of their magazines would be sold and they would pick up a number of new readers a and even some subscriptions. A simple business trick. No one really loses. It’s win, win, win for everyone. What was, a simple bit of silly fun backed up with, a more searching article inside delivered quite nicely.
Channel 4 News had Nicola Sturgeon to chat about it for a couple of minutes. Hard questions were asked of her. The usual loaded stuff that gets bandied about whenever Scottish Independence is being discussed. The main thrust is always the same; too wee, too poor and too stupid. Scottish Banks failed, oil will run out and poverty and deprivation are too great to solve.
The fact that two Scotsmen, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, sold both banks out will forever be a national disgrace. Is there anything worse than a Scotsman being more English than Scottish?
Oil running out? Our brave, courageous and talented Chancellor of the Exchequer is currently throwing money at North Sea Oil producers which would tend to suggest that there’s a lot more oil out there yet, not to mention gas etc,.
Poverty and deprivation? The Labour Party have failed for more than thirty years, and all parties for probably a hundred years, to get a handle on it and change things. They have failed. Too busy playing at being important people in the Westminster parliament.
Nicola covered some of these points and also mentioned that Scotland could be a major centre for renewable energy. I so wish the SNP would quietly get off that green bandwagon. It’s going nowhere and they know it. Let’s put it down to politics for the meantime. Maybe they might like to keep a weathered eye on Australia. The next general election in Australia will provide a timely reminder to all politicians, especially those of the left/green variety, that the voters know that global warming is nothing more than a convent scam for those seeking easy money whilst also trying to attain the destruction of their countrys economy. Not to worry though, the politicians will have lots of time to contemplate all manner of topics since they will no longer have to represent their constituents.
If we are too wee, too poor and too stupid does that mean that the English see themselves as our saviours? Might it not be that they have helped in no small way to ensure that we are too wee, too poor and too stupid? Of course not. Following Scottish Independence, England will suffer a loss of status, a loss of tax income and a loss of the rest of the UK, as Northern Ireland and then Wales seek to follow their own agendas.
So come on the English press. Let’s have lots more marketing ploys using Scotland as the main message. You know what they say, ” there’s no such thing as bad publicity, it’s all publicity in the end.


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