It’s a bit of a mish mash.

16 Apr

You know how it is, you write your blog every day and you hope it’s interesting for people to read. You don’t want to write too much about the wrong subject and you don’t want to right too little about the right subject. So today I’m going to write a little about a number of subjects, which don’t warrant full blogs. Mish mash it is then.

First up is it’s local election time as you may have noticed and the bits of paper are beginning to drop through the letterbox. I had a Green leaflet, a Libdem leaflet and today a Tory leaflet

The greens were claiming they were very involved in stopping a biomass power station being built locally and trying to retain a local swimming pool amongst other stuff although no mention of wanting higher fuel and energy prices or reducing population numbers. I thought biomass was a green thing to do? Apparently not, it’s unsightly. Saving a swimming pool that was losing money hand over fist? Good for the local community? Possibly? The main costs are of course heating for the water and the space, heating that uses fossil fuels and has been made more expensive due to “green taxes”. Slight contradictions there then which bedevils a movement, which has no clear focus and strategy.

The Tories left a newsletter which is called, and I find this to be incredible, “Intouch”. Ideally they should have called it either “Completely out of touch” or “Intouch? Of course not”. Such are politicians then, safe in their own wee world, which would be funny if they didn’t have so much power.


Last Friday evening I sent a tweet out to all the football fans of the two teams in Edinburgh Hibs and Hearts suggesting that it might be an all Edinburgh Scottish Cup final. I wish I’d put a bet on for that although I’m not a betting man. I hope that the final is a good game and it’s close, with the winning team deserving. There will be a parade when the team gets back with the cup. Looks unlikely that it’ll pass through Princes Street mind you. The trams!!!! Oh well.


Mrs TT and I visited Stirling Castle last week. It was a very different experience compared to other castle visits. It was kind of like going to see a grand design house. So much of it has been spankingly restored and the story is pretty enjoyable.

One of the less obvious joys however, was the almost complete lack of military detail and narrative. Obviously castles tend to be military in nature but sometimes it kind of gets in the way of the history of the actual castle. Edinburgh Castle could do with a reduction on the military story and maybe a major push on the life of the castle itself? I’m not a fan of castles still having a military presence and housing military museums. It would be better, in my view, to update Edinburgh a la Stirling Castle.

The work on the new Forth Crossing is becoming more visible. Mrs TT looked up the information on what the new bridge will look lie and how the roads around it will be. It looks pretty good and the road structure doesn’t look too bad although the old link between the M9 and South Queensferry doesn’t look as if it will be upgraded which is a pity.

I can’t help thinking this is yet another vanity project with a cost to match. The existing bridge could well have had additional lanes added etc, which might have been a cheaper alternative and then there’s tunnelling s another cheaper alternative!

So there we go. Lots of wee topics but hopefully interesting nonetheless.


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