The answer my friend is blowing in the wind…

19 Apr

The BBC reported today “Doosan had decided to withdraw its plans for a research centre and turbine factory in Renfrew. A project that would have created hundreds of jobs in Scotland’s offshore wind sector has been scrapped after a major foreign investor pulled out. Korean company Doosan blamed deteriorating confidence in the offshore wind market for its decision.”

Interestingly Doosan have managed to say a huge amount in a small amount of words. Deteriorating confidence in the offshore wind- market, how interesting is that? The lack of confidence will undoubtedly be based on the fact that offshore windmill power is the most expensive of all the silly green, renewable sustainable energies and everyone is running away from it as fast as they can, well almost everyone.

Why has Alex Salmond and his party got this silly dream about Scotland being a great place for generating silly green energies? I can understand the drive to try to create jobs although the evidence from those countries that have gone down this silly route have found the opposite to be the case. For everyone one job created by green energy between 2 and 3.5 jobs are lost in the economy as a whole.

Why is Alex still pursuing this?

It’s also interesting to note that Doosan told the Scottish Government and their customers, four months ago, that they were not pursuing this project. Why hasn’t Alex owned up to this before now?

If Alex is the best politician in the UK, which isn’t necessarily something he might want to boast about given the poor quality of politicians from all parties and persuasions, why is he not doing something urgently to ensure our lights and heating don’t go off? Also why isn’t he pushing for lower energy bills?

Where is all the cheap energy for the new Scottish economy, following a successful independence vote, going to come from? The North Sea? That won’t be a green thing to do. Windmills? Way too expensive. Wave power? Still a dream and it’s going to be as expensive as the cancelled offshore windmills.

Nuclear? No way. It might hurt us. It is safer than a very safe thing but we mustn’t use it.

So come on Alex why not properly engage with the public through the root and branch of the party structure. This wouldn’t be a bad thing to do in general because there are all these various issues, which will have to be addressed following a successful independence vote. Joining NATO is a further case in point and the EU.

The current system does not allow for people to become truly involved. A new Scotland must have a system that encourages and supports all of us living in Scotland to be able to voice our opinion and for our government to respect and react to those views.

Has Alex asked windmill energy generators to set aside money for demolishing the windmills and returning their footprint back to “environmentally acceptable “ standards? I wouldn’t have thought so.

Come on the SNP wake up!


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