What difference a day makes.

19 Apr

Just 24 hours…

Poor Ms Theresa May. There she is doing her job as she sees it, and then gets sunk by her department. The same department, which has been shambolic for some time now. The same sorts of problems repeated. A lack of controls and accountability. People not doing the job as they were supposed to. The Home Office just can’t seem to get its act together at all.

They got the date wrong? Maybe? They were a day out? Well it would seem that the closing date for appeals is kind of moveable. The European court mail is so immense apparently that they have to give everyone an extra day to be fair so that the very late ones are included albeit they are a day late. This is the law we are talking about. The law is exact, it has to be or we’d all be running around saying that someone said the deadline was one thing when in fact it was another.

Someone must have been asked, point blank, by a minister or a serious grown up person with all their wits about them, what is the final date for the appeal. Then asked are you sure, are you very, very, do you swear on your mothers life?

Then that person would have said yes. Did they then ask them if there was any dubiety or potential confusion or otherwise about the information provided. Again someone must have said yes it is correct. Then they went with it and sent in the Police.

Of course the lawyers who are representing the accused person, who are incidentally being paid by Legal Aid, waited until the last possible moment to put in their appeal papers. At best this is a delaying tactic and at worst it’s a cynical move, which their client may have smugly demonstrated when being wafted around in Police vans paid for by the State or you and me if you prefer.

Call me Dave and various colleagues have stood up in Westminster and other locations and said this person should be sent to Jordan. They have said that he is a danger to the people of this country and he has demonstrated this on many occasions. Still he cannot be removed from the UK. Our “leader” cannot have him removed. Who runs this country? The EU.

The gentleman in question seems to dislike our country and our society and also seems to dislike the system in Jordan even more. Jordan is an Arab country is it not? Surely he would feel more at home there? Perhaps he’d feel more at home there if he hadn’t been planning/carrying out terrorist attacks? He’s not keen to go back because bad men would hit him with things and maybe plug him in to the power for a few moments or drip water on his head? Or even worse, call him names and throw their shoes at him.

It’s much easier in the UK, they don’t tend to do that here, or at least not that often probably. He has his benefits, and his legal aid and his freedom to speak as long as he doesn’t say anything offensive or in a hateful manner. But of course he has to speak out, it’s his job. He could go to Jordan and speak out. That course of action may lead to some smarting once the bad men with the big wooden sticks have shown him the error of his and his followers ways.

It is fairly clear that the current system for deportation and extradition is not fit for purpose. The USA says jump and the UK government say how high. The UK government say they are going to do something and the EU say oh no you are not.

The French and the Italians are a bit more robust in the way they do things. They would have quietly deported the gentleman in question as soon as they could. When someone from the EU asked where he was they’d just have said “oh he taking a well earned break in Jordan”. The EU would have complained and they would have been hit with a paltry fine.

Call me Dave would say, and I know because I am in his circle of friends, NOT! He would say that we have to stick to the law. Well Sir that makes the law an ass. Somebody much cleverer and smarter than me said that once, I just didn’t make it up, unlike Call me Dave who may well be economical with the truth at certain times.

What the government needs badly at the moment id a very good marketing man. Anyone know of one?





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2 responses to “What difference a day makes.

  1. Rob Skinner

    April 20, 2012 at 8:04 pm

    It’s nothing to do with the EU. It’s the European Court of Human Rights. We helped create it over 60 years ago, long before we joined the then EEC. But I agree this odious man has no place in this country.

  2. Tedious Tantrums

    April 21, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll amend it later today. It’s a ridiculous state of affairs made worse by the lack of backbone by our supposed government.


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