No, no and thrice no!

20 Apr

The lefty politicians have spoken. The Bahrain GP should not go ahead. Nice to see good old “Gorgeous George” coming up with a low key summation of the reasons it shouldn’t go ahead. “The tracks of the Middle Eastern race circuit were “stained by the blood of the people who are asking for a vote”. He has a way with words doesn’t he? Get a grip George.

I would have thought that the Grand Prix going ahead would attract the media in huge numbers who, at some time during the event will also put a spotlight on the continuing demonstrations and riots, which are taking place. Surely this clearly makes life a bit more difficult for the present government in Bahrain?

The Grand Prix circus is a bubble, which moves around the world and Europe in particular, lands, does it’s thing and moves on. It’s a sporting event for goodness sake albeit a global one. There is huge money involved and in truth the real racing fans are pretty much tolerated rather than being welcomed.

It’s big business and the degree of corporate smoozing not pleasant to experience, apart from the race itself is wonderful. Corporate grandstand seats, and there are huge numbers of them, are empty until a minute before the race starts and full until a minute after the race ends. Real fans are there all day, watching the warm up, the race itself, the supporting races and other entertainment. It’s a sport. In a lot of places in the world it’s far too expensive for the locals to go and at times, in some countries where F1 goes, there is very little interest in F1 at all.

It would serve the politicians and various charity groups better to encourage more interaction with Bahrain as a means of keeping it in the media spotlight rather than it slipping back into yesterday’s news.

I’d imagine that the last thing the Bahrain government want to see is pictures and videos in the global press, on TV and the Internet. They will no doubt like it better when there is no press coverage so they can get on with whatever nasty deeds they deem necessary until such times as a real Arab Spring manifests itself.

A convenient sound bite for politicians or a much larger exposure of a charity asked to comment? Both need publicity but the cause they are so “caring” about needs it much more than they do.

Would Bahrain be in the news if FI hadn’t gone there? Will Bahrain be in the news in a week’s time when the F1 circus has moved on and the press has gone with them?

No, no and thrice no!

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