BBC The Apprentice – Lording it in the boardroom – Episode 6

21 Apr

Slightly remiss of me taking this long to summarise last weeks episode/event/round. So to put things right I’ll do a short post, which you are now hopefully reading. And it will be short.

This week the teams were asked to come up with a new fitness product. Think of Zumba without being Zumba but being more incoherent and far too brightly coloured. The teams had to pitch to three of the larger fitness gym operators in the UK. Duncan Bannatyne wasn’t involved. Pity really. It would have been a nice twist to have him ask some daft questions at the presentations and then declare himself out after decrying what they were trying to do. But I digress.

The teams did their best to come up with a new product and managed to make something of the task. The final products weren’t exactly wonderful. They looked a bit limp, unfocussed and weird which wasn’t bad given they had very little time to produce anything at all.

Ricky Martin (it’s been ages since he’s had a big hit and I’d have thought the Apprentice wasn’t his ideal platform) and Stephen Brady (no relation to Karren then) were the project managers with Stephen having experience in the fitness gym world.

Duane was fired. Why? Because he stuck his neck out once too often. He was charged with doing one of the videos and then suggested the lack of some content was down to Ricky and Lauren not doing it properly.

As is mainly the case I thought differently from Lord Sugar, which is why he is driven about in a spanking new Roller and I… well I’m not. I thought Stephen should have been sacked. Stephen recognised that the way they had priced up their product for gyms wasn’t clear so in the spur of the moment he made prices up for the (low rent) equipment, which would be included. This is a significant business no-no. If you don’t know your cost and selling price you must never, never, ever guess as you will almost certainly end up on the wrong side of the profit margin. In real life he may well have said he’d further clarify his pricing structure and would get back to them. He did not have the luxury of this option or was not quick enough to react as he should have done or he simply lacked strategic awareness.

Yes I know Stephen made more money, so he was safe, but this was turnover not profit. Yes I know he couldn’t be in the Boardroom for the showdown with Lord Sugar. Mores the pity.

Ricky, who doesn’t look as fit and tanned as he does when he’s on Top of the Pops or MTV, was rightly accused of taking the wrong people into the boardroom with him. However, I think he had.

He’d taken Laura  in because she’d been in last week and Lord Sugar had told her he would be keeping an eye on her. Taking her in was Ricky’s way of placing the blame on her, knowing she was already weakened.

He took Duane in because Duane had actually genuinely mucked up and he felt he could out argue Duane when the time came. In fact Duane did for himself anyway.

All Duane had to do was keep his profile a bit lower for a couple of weeks rather than continually taking on key task positions within the team. It was an expensive way of recognising that keeping your powder dry at times and saving it for another day may be the most cerebral way of doing things.

They’re in Edinburgh next week apparently.

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2 responses to “BBC The Apprentice – Lording it in the boardroom – Episode 6

  1. chocbutton

    April 23, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    I thought it was a bit unfair how Stephen’s team failed to give a good pitch or a good concept, and instead won when Virgin decided that they would just change the entire idea to suit them, hence rendering Phoenix’s Groove Train pointless. But they still won. Hah.

    I think Duane was trying to take risks rather than staying low in the competitions – too many times people are caught for not contributing much. However, since the earlier successes of his tasks, I think his ego has been growing too big and he doesn’t come across as the nice guy who loves recycling.

    • Tedious Tantrums

      April 23, 2012 at 2:21 pm

      Thanks for your comment CB. I’m sure there will be a few more twists and turns before we reach the final!


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