Police with machine guns attend a peaceful demonstration by NHS supporters in London

23 Apr

In the UK it is generally viewed that we have the right to demonstrate, voice our views and show our displeasure should things happen which affect us in a manner in which we disagree or we feel we are losing more of our freedoms or being financially disadvantaged through government actions. You may like to take a look at the following link, Campaigning for Health, and follow the link to Latent Existence which provides individual accounts of what actually took place.

I am surprised that not a single politician has picked this up. I call on everyone who views the picture and reads the blog article it came from to alert his or her MP/MSP/MEP and members of the MSM if possible. I shall also tweet it following publication of this blog.

The picture shows policeman, and there were more, with a machine gun attending a peaceful march by NHS staff and supporters who wished to register their opposition to government NHS policies. This did not take place in Libya, Syria or Bahrain but in the UK in the middle of London. The threat to public disorder was so great that it needed this type of police response? NO! The MSM were there and didn’t see this? Unlikely. The BBC wasn’t aware of it happening? Come on that just isn’t the case. This is a serious incident where the police have, for whatever reasons, allowed it to take place and no one has been taken to task about it.

Apparently we live in a democracy. This is proven because we get to vote a few times for local councillors, Members of Parliament, Members of the European Parliament and members of the devolved parliament/assembly.

Firstly the EU Parliament has no power and decides nothing so there’s no democracy there then. The other three? It’s very likely that the same three major parties will field candidates in all of these with of course a central control over policy and activities. The party whip is our enemy. It stops voter representatives from actually representing their constituents in deference to the main aims of the party they are members of.

So our democracy may not be as we are encouraged to think that it is. The various uprisings in the Middle East, which have been termed “The Arab Spring”, are based on the populace in these countries pursuing democracy by unseating the leaders of their countries because they do little to help the populace and are aloof/remote/disconnected, pay lip service only to the populace whilst gathering riches for themselves.

The Bahrain Grand Prix has been in the news this weekend as Bahrainis used the GP to protest about their government/rulers. The BBC seemed to think it would be better that the GP was cancelled which is quite odd. You would have thought that the BBC and all the other press commentators etc. would have thought it would be useful to the protesting Bahrainis to have the glare of the worlds press shining on their attempts to gain democratic change?

The French presidential elections were also in the news. The BBC seem to be supporting Sarkozy although it looks ever likely that he will not be chosen by the electorate as the next President of France which will undoubtedly result in further problems within the EU and the Euros zone.

The fact that the far right party in France secured 20% of the vote causes major concerns for the BBC and many politicians, commentators and the left leaning. I have read many comments being made about how dreadful this is and how it should not be tolerated with the fascist word being bandied about. In this case it is those that claim free speech as being vital in a society that are pursuing censure and wish to exclude the far right and their supporters from legitimate democratic participation.

I have no wish to support the far right or the far left for that matter also. I do not, however wish to see fascism on our streets and on our TVs in the form of supporters of a left leaning stance seeking to silence, disrupt and stop everyone’s right to legally voice their political opinions.

In the UK it is generally viewed that we have the right to demonstrate, voice our views and show our opposition should things happen which affect us in a manner in which we feel is unacceptable. You may like to take a look at the following link, Campaigning for Health, whilst also following the link, to Latent Existence within the article, which provides individual accounts of what took place.

This is beginning to look like we have entered a period where the main parties, the establishment, senior civil servants and their policies are so detached and remote from the electorate that we are now voting for fringe parties and independent candidates. Whilst this may effect some change it is seems unlikely that it will stop the actions being taken when people go out onto the streets to legally express their views.

Of course machine gun totting police would deter people from protesting. Is this where we now find ourselves? What is the next stage? No protesting? Limited protesting? How far away is a European Spring? I’m just being silly? It couldn’t happen here?

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