Go on… Give it a try… you know you want too.

24 Apr

The Scottish Enlightenment was, to a degree, enabled by the change in the relationship between man and god. The importance of man was elevated and, whilst religion was still hugely important, god was made less of a deity as far as mans standing then allowed. The elevation of mans dominion allowed man to better use the resources available whilst developing technology and all manner of differing ways in which progress, which could be made, and life improved.

The importance of this change cannot be overstated and the changes kept on going for a long time with stunning advances in so many differing areas. The rise of the greens and the extreme environmentalists from the mid 1930’s now jeopardises the progress that humanity has achieved. The National Socialist Party in Germany were a real force to be reckoned with in many, many ways and their love of things green combined with a might to make things happen is a lesson for us all.

Today, our way of life has altered very substantially from that of 40-50 years ago. My grand parents would now be well over 100 years old if they were still alive and they would be shocked at the ludicrous controls and regulation, which we are all subjected to on a daily basis. They lived through two wars and they knew well the freedoms that they had and gained subsequently were hard fought and cost the lives of millions of people.

The greens are really a diverse group; they are a huge number of smaller groups who believe different things all under the banner of environmentalism. Unfortunately, the tools they use are all based in gaining power over the population through increasing regulation with draconian punishments to enforce their decrees. They appear to be anti-humanity. Even when they are doing good as they see it they fail to see the bigger picture or take into account cause and effect.

DDT is the prime example. Huge efforts are made by various charities to raise money to provide protection for populations, which are subject to mosquito exposure. Their favourite remedy is to provide mosquito nets, which are used, mainly at night, to protect people from the bites and the malaria, which is transferred in the process. On the face of it this seems a reasonable aim.

The nets work but not in the longer term. They are not replaced quickly enough if they are damaged and they are difficult for the people who need them to look after them. DDT works because it is sprayed on the walls of all the rooms in the houses. The mosquito lands on the wall and is exposed to DDT which kills it pretty quickly. A very simple solution. Spraying the nets can also improve dramatically the reduction of the likelihood of being bitten. DDT also greatly reduces the population size of the mosquitos and will eventually exterminate them completely.

Of course DDT has been banned since the 70s following the “Silent Spring” book which contained opinions which could not be backed up scientifically. Although there is little to fear from DDT when applied in the correct dose it is still banned. DDT is like every other chemical known to man. If you are exposed to too much of it you will become ill, just like aspirin, alcohol, etc. etc.

The greatest shame is that millions of people have died due to mosquito bites and the malaria, which follows. We are all to blame for this; those who recognise the need to use DDT, those who believe the greens and their banning of DDT and the greens themselves.

It is to all our shame that we have quietly got on with our own lives, watching the odd fundraising for Africa programme, send in a few quid and then gone back to our own lives. You would think that the greens would want to alleviate poverty in Africa and in other areas of the world?

Of course one of the other great tenets of their religion, for that is what it is, is to reduce the worlds population. How will they achieve this? Like Solent Green? Like Logan’s Run? Through a planned, systematic, industrialised process which will handle millions of people who want to leave the planet to save it?

As with all things green I’d like then to show us the way. Not just talk and write about it but actually take part and demonstrate how they will reduce the population. The same goes for giving up our industrial and materialistic society.

If they feel the planet is over populated, and they’ve been saying this for a long time especially during the 70s, then those who feel this way should get off the planet. Simple. Those who wish to go back to an agrarian economy should do so and not be allowed any modern tools, seeds, and anything developed since the point in time when the way of life was how they would like it.

Go on… Give it a try… you know you want too.


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