BBC The Apprentice – Lording it in the boardroom – Episode 7

29 Apr

There you are relaxing on your day off with your mates, playing computer games and slobing out and there’s a knock at the door. Someone heads off to see who’s there and comes back with your boss who tells you, you’re going to be travelling and should get ready to leave. Lord Sugar strikes again!

And they’re off on the London to Edinburgh East Coast line although First Class. Lord Sugar describes the destination as “the food capital of Scotland. Just the capital of Scotland would have done really.  Lord Allan says that pavement gastro food is very popular in London but the more distant areas haven’t yet caught on to this. Oh really? What about the French, German and Italian markets not to mention the farmers market and the Sunday market in Stockbridge? Not to worry, lets not spoil the idea with a pinch or two of truth.

So the teams have to come up with gastro food, which they can make in the street and sell at a premium. Game on.

Lord Sugar chooses Adam Corbally as the Project Leader for one team and the other is Jenna Whittingham.

They start straight away and make plans on the train journey, which takes 4.5 hours. Katie comes up with a suggestion that one place they could sell their product would be at a football ground before a match. Conveniently Hearts are playing Rangers and she feels this is a good opportunity. Adam has hit his iceberg and he’s already sinking. Not to be deterred however, he ploughs on at full speed and decides that his team will use cheap ingredients so they can make a much larger profit, water is pouring in and its too late to close the water tight doors. Gastro food made from cheap ingredients, its just not going to happen.

Jenna has taken on board the quality of the food, which is needed, and her team have decided Parliament Square is a good place to be. It’s a busy place, certainly, especially with Johnnies (tourists).

Both team set up and start trading. £5.99 for a portion of meatballs and pasta at a football match was never going to work. Also the kick-off is a 12.30 and most people will have self catered or if they haven’t they’ll be hitting Greggs and those burger stalls outside the ground. They’ll spend £3.00 for a burger or a steak bake and a can.

In Parliament Square the stew made from good quality meat isn’t flying over the counter either. The Johnnies have had their breakfast not long ago. So Jenna decamps to Princes Street beside the Royal Scottish Academy. Now the Johnnies walk past that spot before heading up to Parliament Square. The same people who would have been their customers if they’d stayed where they were. Also Princes Street is one long eyesore due to the tram works so locals and tourists avoid it. It’s closed to traffic so everyone has to head to George Street for buses further reducing the foot fall.

Adam drops his prices and tries again but its not happening and they decide to head to the Grassmarket. This is a very busy place for Johnnies because it’s very close to the Castle and a lot of walking tours either start there or pass through. It also has a large number of cafes and restaurants of all types and costs. Not an ideal pitch. Stephen and Katie make a deal with one of the tour bus managers (all the tour buses are owned and run by the council) so they can pitch to the people on the bus who will be so excited at the prospect of some gastro food they’ll jump off in the Grassmarket and eat rather than staying on the bus. This doesn’t work.

Both teams then reduce their prices to get rid of the stock they have.

Boardroom time. Adam is taken to task straightaway. Basically he didn’t follow the brief and didn’t manage properly. The proof comes when the profits are reported and Jenna wins.

The showdown sees Adam slightly embellishing his involvement and the decisions he may have made. Lord Sugar fires Katie.

Come on. Adam was way, way, way off the mark and Azhar has been hiding since the start. Katie definitely made errors but Adam should have carried the can.

The best quote of this episode was Lord Sugar responding to the £5.99 price point for the meatballs and pasta at the football. He says that they spend less than that on strikers up there. Funny indeed.

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