Your good health.

01 May

The vast majority of the population are pretty healthy and don’t bother much with Doctors and drugs. To a degree we don’t have time because we have a double dip recession to contend with which tends to focus our minds somewhat. Its so good of the “two double dips” Cameron and Osborne, to ensure we are financially challenged otherwise we’d just be sitting back and enjoying life a good bit better and spending a bit of money which would help the economy

At times we do get ill and we have to go to the Docs. That in itself isn’t easy, none of this casually telephoning for an appointment nonsense nowadays, oh no. You have to phone at a prescribed time and you might get lucky. No forward booking appointments either. Some do allow that which means you need to plan to be ill and hope your body will oblige by not giving up before the appointment or being splendidly well when the appointment comes along.

The biggest issue in going to see the Doc is of course you tend to go in with one thing and come out with five. The questioning starts straight away. Do you or have you ever smoked. I always want to response – only when I’m on fire. I don’t though because I’m a fearty. Next is how much do you drink. Again I want to say only enough to keep me alive. After these two questions and I’ve said no to both I can almost see the disappointment on the Doc or Nurse or Health assistants face.

Next it’s step on the scales. Oh you are a bit overweight! Delight from them now. Then they trot out BMI, which is utter nonsense, and they need to test your blood for diabetes and cholesterol, yawn! Eventually they want to know about the ailment you went with. The response is always the same. Here’s a prescription or if its muscular they tell you to self present at the NHS clinic along the road or they’ll need to refer you to a specialist at a hospital which is further away than sensible, will charge you a fortune for parking and is so big it takes hours to discover where you should be.

I presumed Doctors were healers? I was wrong. Well, that’s not entirely true they used to be healers a good few years ago. When I was young I hurt myself a few times and was taken to the Docs well after hours and he sorted me without recourse to drugs or hospital.

One of my Uncles was a physiotherapist. He called all Doctors quacks as did his two brothers. That did sort of make me question Docs and their capabilities. At times they do good work and there are good ones but at times they don’t and they and their mates cover up. They can’t all be good, can they but you rarely hear of the rubbish ones being sacked!!!

The NHS is pretty poor and yes I know there are a lot of really good people working in it and trying against all the odds to do their best. Humongous amounts of money have been thrown at it but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. The idea is great, the reality not so much. They brought some German docs over to help out a few years ago. They worked much faster than their UK colleagues. A friend recently returned to Poland after they were mis-diagnosed which could have seriously reduced their life span.

Medicine is now aimed at obesity, smoking, drinking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. What a pity. We are all individuals regardless of what epidemiologists say.

In Scotland men just don’t go to the Docs. Well that’s not 100% correct. They go but only after it’s too late or they go eventually and then don’t take the drugs they are given. It makes life a lot more interesting. Like playing chicken or Russian roulette.

Healthy people die too you know. The guy that invented jogging died jogging. Those football players who had heart attacks were really fit. Sports people get cancer. A lot of guys die on the golf course (mostly of boredom and too much 19th hole indulging).

Life is what you make it and your luck or not and no amount of quacks bearing drugs can guarantee anything.

I wish you all good health.

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