An X in a box is no longer enough

05 May

Here we are again, happy as can be….

Well perhaps not everyone, in fact probably very few! And what is the context? Why it’s the local elections which took place over the past couple of days. 

Let me re-cap slightly on the ongoings over the past few weeks. Not a single candidate darkened my door step. A number of leaflets were pushed through the letterbox though. The existing three councillors all stated the same successes and had virtually the same aims which they would pursue if re-elected. Labour went a wee stage further in one of theirs. They blamed the tram fiasco on the LibDems and the SNP coalition in Edinburgh. Slightly dishonest or frankly completely misleading? The latter, Labour forced the trams on everyone in Edinburgh by voting them into existence just before the previous council elections. This was done knowingly. 

Back to the leaflets. The Tories made much of being a Party of the union. Big surprise there, no doubt aimed at trying to attract voters who were pro the union. The Greens suggested they were warm and cuddly and would do stuff about cycle paths, keep opposing the biomass power station (isn’t that a green thing to do?) and try to get a grant for a windmill. No mention of of the agrarian lifestyle or the huge population decreases they also pursue. Yes I know it was local council elections but their aims are so incredibly anti-humanity any vote for them at any level is supporting those aims.

The SNP shot themselves in the foot by having two candidates. The incumbent lost out and a new guy is in. Probably on the strength of alphabetic positions on the ballot paper. This voting system is absolutely crap. Sorry but it is. It needs to be simple and be seen to work not complicated and manipulatory which further reduces the intent of the electorate.

In general the SNP didn’t make the progress they had hoped for. Labour gained a fair bit including Edinburgh so we’ll see how much they reduce the cost of the trams shall we?     
Th worst part though is that the Greens won seats. The protest vote delivers a step closer to Eco-tomfoolery. I’m sure the people who support the greens and their candidates and  councillors include some real fine and decent people. I’m also sure there will more than a smattering of green psychopaths within it also. 

The LibDems are gone. I’m not convinced they’ve hit rock bottom yet either. Power at any cost does have a cost it would seem. 

Just one question. How was it possible for Labour to hold Glasgow? Given the waste, the corruption and most damning of all, failing to substantially increase the quality of the lives of the people of Glasgow and over a very long period of time?

If there was a lesson for the SNP in all of this it’s not to underestimate the opposition to Scottish Independence. The Labour Party will be all but destroyed by it and England and it’s damaging establishment have much to lose in status if nothing else although there will also be lots of “else’s”. 
The next few days may be interesting.

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