Healthy eating.

08 May

My reading over the past week or so has certainly been interesting. I tend to read fiction and then non-fiction although that can vary, as is my want or not want.

The past few days reading has been one non-fiction followed by a second non-fiction. How exciting is that. I’m a devil aren’t I. Wall to wall excitement with me you know. Oh yes.

I read “The great cholesterol con” by Malcolm Kendrick first and then moved on to “The Meat Fix: How a lifetime of healthy eating nearly killed me” by John Nicholson. You may note a certain similarity of topic there and you’d be right of course.

I didn’t set out to read either of these books, I sort of fell in to them. I started out with the aim to research the topic of cholesterol and in doing so found a link to Malcolm Kendrick a Scottish GP with a practice in England. Why did I want to research cholesterol? Simple. My Doc was keen to get me to start taking statins stating that we will all be on statins soon for the rest of our lives.

I don’t do drugs. Well I’m Scottish and male so I don’t do illness. I only go to the Doc if I’m very ill. I’m not a fan of doctors and hospitals and the like. I think they’re okay for broken legs and wee stuff but on the more complicated stuff… Well let’s just say the jury is out.

Anyway to the research, I found Mr Kendrick’s book and read it. He basically suggests that cholesterol is necessary as one of the main building blocks within our bodies and forms the synapsis connections in our brain. There is also a very strong suggestion that the drugs companies may well be selling statins based on dubious science, which they control. Does that sound familiar? If I were to mention, “global warming” would that help you make a connection?

In fact there are so many parallels with the two topics from the way the science has been manipulated, the scientists and institutions needing the research money and the cost to taxpayers. The cost of statins to the NHS is estimated to be around £2 billion a year. That would pay for 70,000 nurses or two large teaching hospitals every year!

The science is so wrong that it is 180 degrees away from the truth. The diet known as the healthy diet according to “experts” is anything but. This is helpfully explained in the second book I read, written by Mr Nicholson who was a vegetarian/vegan for twenty-five years.

He ended up with serious health issues to the extent that in desperation he reverted to eating meat, which transformed his health and his life. He had great problems with doctors and medicine in general. I find the account of his journey as a vegan/vegetarian an interesting tale, which provides a balanced view of nutrition and the way that it has become hijacked. Food is essential obviously, but it should be fun and enjoyable whilst delivering what our bodies need so we can live our lives to the full.

The relationship between science, scientific academia, big business, government and the media does the population at large little good if any. Far too many vested interests, far too many dependencies and far too many loonies pushing a political agenda at any cost as long as it isn’t theirs.

Salt, cigarettes, alcohol, DDT, lead in petrol, high blood pressure, the climate, the environment, … All of these topics have suffered from hype, political interference and loony interference at a significant cost.

How many lives have been lost to the nearest few million? How much money lost from household budgets to the nearest multi-trillions of pounds? How many people’s lives have been blighted instead of improved?

Postscript – you might want to look up the following organisation on the web – The International Network of Cholestrol Skeptics


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2 responses to “Healthy eating.

  1. soma

    May 8, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Wonderful piece Sir, lots of facts and alternative reading around the subject. Valid points for us all to consider, thanks


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