Paedophiles sentenced

10 May

Yesterday saw the sentencing of a paedophile ring of Asian men from Rochdale. You already know the details. The girls were under sixteen and legally defined as children. There is no real defence for this unless the girls misled the men. Under sixteen = children and anyone having sex with any child under sixteen is a sex offender and their name is placed on the Sex Offender Register for life. Yes life. I haven’t seen or heard any report that confirms they have been placed on the register and that the charges included paedophilia.

The judge said “One of the factors leading to that was the fact that they were not part of your community or religion”. He also said that  the girls were “worthless” as far as the guilty men were concerned. That sounds very like racism is it not? No mention of any additional racist charges however.

We all know what would have happened if it had been a 9 British men who were in the dock and the girls had been Asian. The Prime Minister would have been apologising on TV. The BBC would have had this as the main story for days. No punishment would have been severe enough.

I haven’t noticed any strident screeching from the feminists either. I would have thought they would have been appalled by this crime.

I didn’t hear anyone denounce the Asian guy interviewed by the BBC who inferred that the girls brought it upon themselves. How exactly? He inferred that they had loose morals. But they were under the age of consent. It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that no harm comes to them. If the paedophiles in question thought this was the case they should have either left them alone or alerted social services. But they chose to exploit them which is the most immoral choice of all.

It seems that this has been going on all over England at least since 2005. Now I’m sure that the Police had a huge investigation going about sex slaves and people trafficking. In all the years it was in place they managed to find very few examples of this despite all the resources, the high profile and the huge cost.

But they didn’t notice this type of “grooming”. Grooming? Luring and exploiting children! The Police were aware things were going on as they have admitted during this trial. There are a number of cases exactly like this one all over England. Is there a task force set up to investigate and prosecute those who are involved? What about all the other Asian gentlemen who were offered the girls, any sign of those being rounded up and added to the Sec Offenders List?

The Asian community are like every other community. The vast majority just want to live quietly and get on with their lives. However, there is an element in all communities, which cause trouble and are unlawful and to our collective shame we either fail to recognise it or choose to do nothing about it.

I’ve been in two minds to publish this particular blog item. I may be branded a racist although I am nothing of the sort. The race card is played far too often, far too readily and far too triumphantly by the left and of course by some of the minority ethnic groups. In fact the paedophiles above also tried to use the race card when they were arrested.

Racism isn’t just by whites it is every colour and every race.

Over protection of some ethnicity may actually exacerbate the likelihood of people not feeling the full force of the law.

Criminals are criminals no matter what!




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