The Queens Speech May 2012.

10 May

It was the Queens speech yesterday. Yes I know you know it was, you probably caught up with it on the news last night. Good day for the tourists no doubt, seeing the Queen glide past in her winter gear. Mid-May and it’s still like winter out there.

Things were a bit warmer inside the Lords Chamber. Call me Dave from the Connedpurgatory Party and Ed Moribund from the Slavour Parrty chatted amicably about their children apparently, complete with the obligatory hand waving. It would be better telly if they were having a “heated debate” as they walked along.

The contents were just ridiculous. Getting the energy utilities to cut their bills to help households? Yes there is no doubt reductions should be made although they’ll all have to check with their owners around the world first. Of course there are other ways of lowering energy bills and the Government know this and so do the press but they both keep very quiet about it.

Firstly they government could remove any stupid levies for windmills and the like, Easy, at least 20% of the bill gone straight away. Oh yes and say sorry for doing it in the first place. The EU wouldn’t be happy? Shame.

Secondly, get the extraction of shale gas speeded up significantly to the point that we want it tomorrow or the end of next week please. That could well reduce gas and electricity costs by 50% and maybe 25%. Smiles all round. Everyone gains. More money in people’s pockets, more tax take for the government and more smiling all round. Well apart from the greens anyway but they don’t smile on principle because it’s not a good thing to do.


While they’re at it they may as well scrap the fuel duty increase later this year as well. They’ll also need to be very careful with the changes they might make to the Lords. If the lower house goes too far they might end up in the same position as Monarchs did in years gone by. Omnipotent. Actually that would be the best thing that could happen. If they achieve that then they will be swept away much more quickly when we all finally get of our bums and take things up with them directly.

Bottom line is of course there is nothing of any serious issues within the coming parliament. A complete lack of imagination? Too much friction between the coalition? Too much stuff being transferred to the EU? No bloomin’ money left to do anything one way or another?

All of the above and more.

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