Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink

13 May

There’s always been a sort of on going joke, which goes like this. “at least they don’t tax the air we breath”. You will have heard that often I’m sure. Of course the real joke is that they are doing just that. The environmental levies on our electricity bills do indeed tax us on the basis of a harmless gas called carbon dioxide which we breath out. If it wasn’t so disgusting and reprehensible it might be funny. If you listen you can hear your forebears spinning in their graves.

There are two things we just have to have to live, the Internet and blogging. Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. No in fact it’s water and air. We need air all the time to breath and we need water, which we have to have, or we die within a few days. Here we stagger into the next upcoming scam from the EU, facilitated by the Double Dip Twins, Dave LOL and George Wimp.

The drought, which has been hammering down at times proved that between leaks and failure to build additional storage, the current water system couldn’t satisfy the needs of the population as it now stands. At the moment, of course, this is all happening in the southeast but it’s likely to be a problem elsewhere if nothing is done about it.

The EU however wants people to pay more for water on the basis of Climate Change. The only people left who believe in Climate Change are of course governments, NGOs, scientists whose livelihoods depend on it, enviro loonies for whom it is a religion and those who can’t be bothered checking a few simple facts. This is a large percentage of the population then.

The EU reasoning is that water is critical to us all so we must all conserve it because climate change will make it scarcer. Now that might hold water (groan) in countries, which are desert like, but not in the UK. Get real EU but they can’t. Making water more expensive by adding levies to customers bills, will ensure water use is reduced.

So the two great and only tools of government tax and fine are employed. If you misuse water you’ll get charged even more which is a form of being fined. If you pay more you will also pay more VAT/tax but in both cases there are of course no guarantees.

Like the council tax, various utilities, and innumerable other products and services we use, be it public or private sector, many services are not subject to a proper Service Level Agreement (SLA). If you are not protected by an SLA you have little possibility of being able to demand compliance by the provider. Even when you have a genuine grievance, which is covered by an SLA, it can be made very difficult for you to receive compensation, to which you are entitled.

For example your Internet connection goes down. You check it out and it’s not a problem at your end. You phone to report the outage and you get a recorded message, which tells you that they are aware of it and it will be fixed as soon as possible. A few hours later it’s still down and the message has changed slightly indicating it will be back on very soon. The next day it comes back on mid-morning and you call to complain because their SLA says that after a set time they will refund you some money when the service goes down. When you speak to someone they say that you didn’t report the problem so you are not entitled to compensation. You say you called and got the message. They say you should have reported the fault.

Sound familiar?

The chances of getting any sort of real service is pretty low and we are powerless to do anything about it. But we have representatives who can. Our elected representatives will help as will our local council. Oh come on of course they won’t.

If our current parliament, woeful as it is, allows the EU to restrict water access without our MPs, MSPs or MEPs voting this down whilst insisting that the water companies stop leakages and build the reservoirs they should have done years ago…

Well there we have it. We can do nothing. Not a thing. As long as so many people do not vote at election time and our elected members are subject to the whip and care little about voters anyway, we have no recourse. This sounds like a dangerous situation to me.

Where is change likely to come from?


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